How To Train Your Brain For Success

How to Train Your Brain for Success

My guest today is a master on how to train your brain for success. After growing her own business from zero to a million dollars a year in under 19 months, Dana Wilde now teaches others how to do the same. With nearly 100,000 followers in 68 countries, Dana is the bestselling author of Train Your Brain and featured in the movies, The Abundance Factor and True Prosperity. Fascinated by neuroscience and the power of the mind, she affects lives daily on The Mind Aware Show, where she interviews thought leaders, brain scientists, and celebrities about how to intentionally think wealthier, happier, and healthier thoughts.

I loved Dana’s work because it is based on scientific research. I’ve always struggled to believe in the law of attraction but I firmly believe in the power of mindset. Dana’s work, as you will hear in the episode, is based different from the law of attraction but just as powerful and effective.

I hope this episode inspires you to become more aware of your thoughts throughout the day and how you can start to make shifts with Dana’s simple strategies.

In this episode you’ll learn about how to train your brain for success as well as…

  • The difference between the conscious and unconscious mind
  • How training your brain is different than the law of attraction
  • The 3 ways you can make a change
  • What a mantra is
  • The secret superpower the word “but” has
  • The 4 steps of Dana’s Train Your Brain system
  • How to do marketing correctly by leading with empathy

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