Doing Business Differently as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur

Doing Business Differently as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur

Many introverts also happen to be highly sensitive. We’re empathic and intuitive, with an inclination to listen and think deeply. And for those of us at the high end of the sensitivity spectrum, we may be aware of subtleties in the environment that other people miss or even find ourselves affected by other’s moods. So, how might we leverage these qualities to build a business in a way that works for us—rather than trying to follow the rules of the 80% who are NOT highly sensitive?

Heather Dominick is the founder of A Course in Business Miracles, a mentoring program for highly sensitive entrepreneurs (HSEs), and the creator of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs Movement. She is the winner of the 2015 Best of Manhattan Coaching Award, and her 21-Day Discovery Series attracted 6K global registrants and earned the 2014 Stevie Award. Known for creating a community for true transformation, Heather has helped thousands of HSEs overcome limiting beliefs and build their business in a way that feels good and generates high-level financial success.

Today, Heather explains how she discovered that both she and her clients happen to be highly sensitive, discussing the overlap of introverts and HSEs in the Business Miracles community. She describes the aspects of being highly sensitive that enhance her business as well as the shadows of overwhelm and over-responsibility that sometimes hold her back. Heather also shares her ‘focus on the work’ approach to marketing with integrity and the energy management tools she uses to operate from a proactive place. Listen in for Heather’s insight around the angst HSEs feel in trying to follow the rules of the other 80% and learn how to do business differently as a highly sensitive entrepreneur!

In this episode you’ll learn about doing business differently as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur as well as…

  • How Heather discovered that both she and her clients are highly sensitive.
  • The overlap of introverts and the highly sensitive in Heather’s community.
  • Heather’s insight on the spectrum of highly sensitive people.
  • The angst HSEs feel in following the rules of ‘the other 80%.’
  • The commitment it takes for HSEs to do business differently.
  • Heather’s superpowers of intuition, deep listening, and a belief in justice.
  • Heather’s challenges around overwhelm, over-responsibility, and health.
  • How we compare ourselves to other’s expectations and our past/future selves.
  • Heather’s ‘focus on the work’ approach to marketing a service-based business.
  • The energy management tools Heather uses to operate from a proactive place.
  • How Heather leverages Asana to communicate with her team of ten.
  • What introverts and highly sensitive people can learn from Diana Herself.

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