Growing Your Business with Ease as an Introvert

Growing Your Business with Ease as an Introvert

We high-achieving introverts are driven to build successful careers, and we often feel pressure to keep up with the extroverted and less sensitive Joneses. What if we stopped pushing—and ended the exhaustion and overwhelm? What if we gave ourselves permission to grow with ease? What if we built our businesses at a speed that works for us?

Nicole Burgess is a licensed psychotherapist and empowerment coach for introverted, sensitive and high-achieving professional women. She is committed to helping her clients end overwhelm and create balance, allowing them to regain control of their time and embrace their sensitivities as strengths. Nicole is also the host of the Soulfilled Sisterhood podcast, a show celebrating extraordinary female leaders from around the world.

Today, Nicole shares her progression from working with families to teen girls to introverted adult women. She discusses her strategy for generating referrals through Facebook communities and podcasting and addresses how to network in a way that honors your energy level. Nicole also offers insight into her ability to read what’s behind a client’s coping skills and the value in a regular mindfulness and meditation practice. Listen in to understand how speaking from your heart resonates with potential clients and learn why it’s crucial to build your business at the speed that works for you!

In this episode you’ll learn about Growing Your Business with Ease as an Introvert as well as…

  • Nicole’s mission to support highly sensitive, high-achieving women.
  • How to generate referrals with podcasting + Facebook communities.
  • How to network in a way that works with your energy level.
  • How Nicole works to build her business through relationships.
  • Nicole’s strength in reading what’s behind a client’s coping skills.
  • The challenge Nicole faces in describing her offerings succinctly.
  • The value in building your business at the speed that works for you.
  • How a meditation + mindfulness practice helps Nicole get grounded.
  • Why Nicole recommends SmarterQueue for scheduling social media.
  • How Gary Keller’s The ONE Thing reminds Nicole to maintain focus.
  • How speaking from her heart helps Nicole market to potential clients.
  • Nicole’s gratitude for the technology to connect with others globally.

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