Going Inward for Energy as an Introverted Entrepreneur

Going Inward for Energy as an Introverted Entrepreneur

Being an introvert doesn’t mean that we can’t take the stage and give a powerful performance. The difference is that we go inward for energy, drawing on time to ourselves before a speaking engagement or presentation—and decompressing on our own afterward.

Heather Ann Havenwood is the CEO of Havenwood Worldwide and Chief Sexy Boss. A serial entrepreneur and highly-regarded authority in the realm of online marketing and sales strategy, Heather Ann is on a mission to teach entrepreneurs how to close the right clients—anytime they want. She has been named to the Huffington Post Top 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs, and in her career, Heather Ann has founded and grown three online companies from zero to $1M-plus in revenue.

Today, Heather shares the story of her quiet childhood as an introvert and the seven years she spent in speech therapy. She explains her need to go inward for energy before and after a speaking event and how she stopped buying into the stigma around both ADD and introversion. Heather discusses her current work building a podcast media network, the online resources that help her communicate with her team, and how she works to live up to the expectations she put on herself. Listen in for Heather’s insight on cultivating a daily commitment to exercise and learn how health and energy feed her success!

In this episode you’ll learn about going inward as an introverted entrepreneur as well as …

  • How Heather’s introverted nature as a child led to speech therapy.
  • How Heather eventually developed her own voice as an entrepreneur.
  • How introverted artists/speakers go inward for energy after a performance.
  • Heather’s strategy of taking time to herself the day before a speaking event.
  • Why Heather is building a podcast media network.
  • Heather’s insight around podcasting as the future of traffic.
  • How understanding her introversion motivated Heather to plan alone time.
  • How Heather stopped buying into the stigma around ADD and introversion.
  • How Heather works to live up to the expectations she put on herself.
  • How an outgoing childhood friend gave Heather the freedom to use her voice.
  • Heather’s daily habits of working out and writing in a gratitude journal.
  • How Heather uses Airtable to develop editorial calendars.
  • Heather’s advice around appreciating how health and energy feed success.

Heather’s favorite quote

“Does this Feed my confusion or Strengthen my Clarity?”

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