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Dear Marketing Impact Pioneer, 

You are a forward-thinking CMO or other marketing professional working in a small to mid-sized company. You are interested in ‘Business for Good’ and maybe your company has already received or applied for the BCorp label. You are motivated to build a company that balances purpose and profit and are therefore interested in creating trust-based relationships with your customers. You realize that businesses reflect the values of their leaders and you are open and curious to become a Gentle Marketing leader and influence your company’s ecosystem.

And as the CMO or other Marketing Professional you want to take the lead in creating marketing campaigns that are based on integrity and human impressions. You know that’s the only way forward to gain and keep the trust of your conscious clients. And you see it as your responsibility to steer your team in the right direction, away from broadcasting and hype marketing and towards the Gentle Marketing approach.

Gentle Marketing works for Organizations too

Although the 7Ps of Gentle Marketing are a personal transformation for individuals, the Mandala can serve as a simple framework to present this new approach of marketing to your team.

Gentle Marketing

Long lasting impact on sustainability and revenue

The end goal is not only a renewed alignment between the members of your team, but also a lasting impact on the business. Team members will experience renewed passion for their jobs, feel more aligned with their company and deepen the relationships with each other. They will also feel encouraged to drop the compare-and-despair from cookie-cutter approaches and dare going deeper and more creative with “What would resonate with our people?’

For the business this means that customers will experience more excitement to do business with a company that is aligned with their values, they will become loyal fans and refer their friends. Overall this will have a positive and long lasting impact on sustainability and revenue.


Options to bring Gentle Marketing to your company

If you need help bringing Gentle Marketing to your organization,  let’s talk — our team does everything from 90-minute sessions for early in career employees, to two-day immersions for marketing leadership team members, to more scalable marketing programs that enable you to run these sessions within your organization in an ongoing, sustainable way (for example, integrating it within new hire training, new manager training, team retreats).