Follow Your Curiosity as an Introverted Entrepreneur

Follow Your Curiosity as an Introverted Entrepreneur

What is the key to success as an entrepreneur, introverted or otherwise? Mark Asquith suggests curiosity and the capacity to learn from every experience. In fact, he advocates that we try as many different things as we want—until something sticks!

Mark is the co-founder of Podcast Websites and the creator of Excellence Expected, a platform that supports entrepreneurs in achieving their own version of excellence via content, tutorials and coaching. A serial entrepreneur himself, Mark has spent the last 15 years building globally successful design, marketing, software and digital businesses. He is a passionate podcaster, international keynote speaker and all-around helpful bloke.

Today, Mark explains his decision to walk away from the corporate world and pursue entrepreneurship. He shares his early struggle with networking and how he learned to leverage speaking engagements to initiate conversation and grow his business. Mark speaks to his introverted tendency to ‘get in his own head,’ offering insight on why he sees that as an advantage. He also discusses his ongoing challenge around ‘being on’ at conferences as well as his willingness to practice the skills that don’t come naturally to him as an introvert. Listen in for Mark’s advice on staying curious and trying new things ‘until something sticks.’

In this episode you’ll learn how to follow your curiosity as an introverted entrepreneur as well as…

  • Mark’s struggle to network and make connections in his early days as an entrepreneur.
  • How Mark learned to leverage speaking to initiate conversation and build his business.
  • How Mark generates revenue via software for podcasters and a personal brand community.
  • Why Mark sees the introverted tendency to ‘get in your own head’ as an advantage.
  • Mark’s take on playing to each other’s strengths in a business partnership.
  • Mark’s willingness to practice the skills that don’t come naturally to him.
  • Mark’s ongoing challenge around ‘being on’ at conferences.
  • The AHA moment when Mark realized he could no longer work a corporate job.
  • Mark’s insight on learning from every experience.
  • Mark’s personal habit of staying curious and diving into new things.
  • How Mark employs Evernote to collect his thoughts and organize his life.
  • How Mark learned to market through storytelling with Building a StoryBrand.

Mark’s favorite quote

“Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.” ~ Henry David Thoreuax

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