Bonus Episode: Delegating for Introverts with Lisa Wells


Lisa Wells

Lisa R. Wells is a marketing, operations, and systems guide for coaches, consultants, and virtual assistants. As a consultant and trainer since 2005, Lisa currently offers time-saving one-on-one consulting, proven forms and ebooks, and practical courses to grow your business and simplify the marketing and technical side.

Lisa has been on my podcast before (episode 18)

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • Why delegating is especially hard for introverts
  • How having a virtual team or just a Virtual Assistant can make introverts feel less lonely
  • That you can start out small, you don’t immediately need a full team
  • How teaming up with a Virtual Assistant should be seen as an investment, not a cost
  • Why you need to plan for delegation before you need it
  • Our horror stories when starting with delegation
  • Why good communication is SOO important
  • That you need a backup plan!

“To thrive in your business only do what ONLY you can do”

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