Creating an Introvert-Friendly Work Culture

Creating an Introvert-Friendly Work Culture

Workplaces are rarely set up with introverts in mind. Perhaps that explains why there are so many introverted online entrepreneurs! But let’s dream a little… What would work culture look like if it was built for us?

Wade Foster is the cofounder and CEO of Zapier, a workflow automation platform that improves productivity by connecting the tools we use every day. The platform moves information among web apps automatically, allowing you to share data and pass information through workflows called Zaps. The Zapier team consists of 170 team members who work remotely from locations all over the world. Wade is an alumni of Y Combinator and earned his master’s in business administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Today, Wade explains how he and his introverted co-founders set up a strong written culture at Zapier and how they work to create an inclusive environment at their in-person gatherings. He shares his strength in writing to think through difficult problems and offers insight on the power in accommodating workstyles that differ from your own. Wade also shares Zapier’s Friday Update, discussing how the practice encourages self-reflection and builds alignment across the organization. Listen in for Wade’s take on marketing to educate and inform—and learn how Zapier designs a work culture that works for introverts and extroverts alike!

In this episode you’ll learn about creating an Introvert-Friendly Work Culture as well as…

  • How Zapier’s introverted founders set up a strong written culture.
  • How Zapier creates an inclusive environment at its in-person gatherings.
  • How Zapier generates revenue by way of a subscription model.
  • How to design your organization in a way that suits you as an introvert.
  • Wade’s strength in writing to communicate and think through issues.
  • The power in accommodating employees with different workstyles.
  • How Wade recognized the need to forecast Zapier’s business growth.
  • How Wade’s Friday Update builds alignment across the organization.
  • How Wade uses Zapier himself to follow up on important Slack
  • The advice in How to Win Friends… that helps Wade build relationships.
  • Why a company’s marketing should align with the value it delivers.
  • Wade’s gratitude for working with an executive team that pushes him.

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