Mindful money management to create a profitable business

create a profitable business

Our consumer culture conditions us to a mindset of lack, leading us to believe that we are not enough—that we need one more thing to feel fulfilled. But Leisa Peterson contends that abundance is our birthright, and she is on a mission to help people shift their collective outlook away from a mindset of scarcity to master the art of abundance.

Leisa is the founder of Wealth Clinic, an online resource that advocates for mindful money management and supports entrepreneurs in creating profitable businesses. An intuitive business coach and money and mindfulness expert, Leisa is passionate about exposing the fallacy of lack in our culture while helping people heal their money stories and develop the practical skills to attract greater abundance, freedom and peace of mind. Leisa is also a bestselling author, and her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, US News and World Report, Forbes and Huffington Post.

Today, Leisa discusses her background in financial services, sharing the unique, introverted approach to sales she developed during her time in that industry. She offers insight on her current business model with the Wealth Clinic, describing how she combines private and group coaching with masterminds, meditation retreats and an affiliate program. Leisa covers the pros and cons of empathy, explaining how it allows her to relate to others quickly yet causes an issue when she gets too immersed in someone else’s story. Listen in as Leisa communicates the turning point when she shifted from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance and get the resources to master the art of abundance in your own life!

In this episode you’ll learn about mindful money management and how to create a sustainable business as well as…

  • How Leisa built a business out of her introspective qualities.
  • Leisa’s introverted approach to sales via referrals.
  • The concept of ‘warm networking’ through partnerships.
  • How Leisa’s business model combines private and group coaching.
  • Leisa’s strength in creating judgement-free groups at her retreats.
  • How empathy allows Leisa to relate to others quickly.
  • Lisa’s challenge around getting immersed in other people’s stories.
  • The turning point when Leisa shifted from a mindset of lack to one of abundance.
  • How Leisa incorporates the ‘wealth flower’ exercise into her morning routine.
  • How Leisa leverages Interact to create low-cost ads on Facebook.
  • The resource that helps Leisa make decisions about where to focus her time.
  • The research around the introvert’s struggle to live in the moment.
  • Why Leisa is grateful for the opportunity to teach others the art of abundance.

Leisa’s favorite quote

“Never give up “

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