Do you ever suffer from Comparitis?

Do you ever suffer from Comparitis?

Welcome to episode #26 of the Gentle Business Revolution podcast, the show where we talk about marketing your business by disrupting the current marketing paradigm. If you are a heart-centered entrepreneur who feels anxiety around marketing your business or you are tired of the traditional marketing model, you’re in the right place!

Welcome to Season 4! As always I have very exciting episodes coming up. In today’s episode, we are talking about the idea of enough. Even though we use enough as a common way of describing how much we earn, need or have, we don’t stop to consider that enough might be different for all of us.

This episode was inspired by a recent email I got from Paul Jarvis who wrote the book “Company of One”. The email was all about the idea of enough (you’ll hear more about it on this episode). This email made me reflect on what my definition of enough is right now. It also made me reflect on times when I’ve caught myself comparing my enough to other people’s enough.

I hope this episode inspires you to take a look at what it means to you and how you’re focusing (or not) on it.

In this episode you’ll learn about Comparitis and what enough means and…

  • Why the definition of enough is different for everyone
  • The two camps that Paul Jarvis discusses: enough and pre-enough
  • How I got over my comparitis

Other links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Company of One

The Gentle Marketing Revolution

The Gentle Business Revolution

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