For smart, quiet online entrepreneurs who want to show up & make a difference


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  • Enough money to be serene and live a good life, potentially even a bit more so you can give it back to those who need it more than you do
  • A consistent flow of clients you love and who love you
  • The freedom to say no to clients and projects that drain you
  • Make more sales but skip the sales conversations 😉
  • In the end, all you really want is to show up, make a difference & be happy!


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  • You are working too many hours for too little ROI
  • You feel like you have no clear system for getting clients
  • You need help with your packaging
  • You feel alone in this entrepreneur journey, even as an introvert !

That’s where I come in… I hold your hand and walk you from a state of overwhelm and frustration to serenity, clarity & success on your terms.

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Sarah Santacroce… Care, focus, empathy, experience based on many failures, love, and knowledge of your industry. I’ve built a very profitable LinkedIn Coaching business with 2 different online products and live group coachings.

And of course I’m an introvert, just like you.
An INFJ personality type to be precise, and according to Myers Briggs only 1% of the population has an INFJ personality type 😉 I get what you’re experiencing right now. Been there done that. I too have struggled with the impostor complex, the feeling of not being good enough, not wanting to come over as too pushy, not being confident enough in my offer.

And you know what has helped me overcome that anxiety, because that’s what it is, right? It’s working with a coach 😉

As introverts we tend to think that we can do it alone. But it’s not easy. And it’s frustrating and lonely.
Let me take you by the hand and help you show up, make more money & most importantly make a difference.

You can ask me one question per day (Monday-Thursday) about your online business and I’ll answer back the same. We’ll also schedule a monthly 45 minute virtual session where I can show you my screen or we can look at yours.


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  • I work best with passionate introverted entrepreneurs who run an online business of some kind.
  • You might be a professional services provider, coach, consultant, academic, information marketer, educator, or idea person.
  • You’ve been in business 1-5 years or more.
  • You’re an all-round nice person. I only work with nice people 😉


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  • You’re not willing to ask for help. This program is driven by you, without your questions you won’t get results. We don’t have a set “curriculum” that we’re going to work through.
  • You’re new to business and have little experience offering your product/service (come back to me in 6 months!).
  • You are looking for technical advice (websites, membership site set-ups, shop set ups etc)
  • You’re hoping for a quick fix or magic pill.

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  • Using your unique introvert strengths to build a thriving business
  • Your positioning and your ideal clients
  • How to increase your sales using content and JV partners
  • Marketing your business on LinkedIn, the ideal Social Media for introverts because it’s all about business, no fluff
  • How to package your services and products
  • Create your first group coaching program
  • How to streamline your business and start outsourcing some of the routine tasks that drain your energy
  • Self-promotion, introvert style

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To start our collaboration we chat on Skype (30 minutes)

During this call we have a chance to get to know each other a bit better and I will take this opportunity to find out more about your business and products or services. You can also ask me any questions you have about the process.


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  1. Email Coaching Monday-Thursday (one question per day), I give you answers in written, audio or video format
  2. A monthly coaching session via Skype or other online tool (45 minutes) in which we can share our screen

The investment is USD 1497.00 for 3 months of coaching

3 month coaching for introverts

OR you can choose my payment plan
3 instalments of $567 per month, 3 month commitment


NOTE: Most people end up to staying with me about a year.


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  1. Email Coaching Monday – Thursday, one question per day
  2. 45 minute coaching call via Skype every month (recordings available upon request)
  3. Peace of mind because you can quit spending endless hours trying to search for the information you need on the internet
  4. The gentle ‘kick in the butt’ to accomplish the tasks you have been delaying for so long
  5. sounding board for your ideas, a place to brainstorm & my advice based on my experience in this online world
  6. Specific answers to your questions, focused on your business rather than generic information you find for free
  7. Access to all my resources: e-books, tools I use, people I work with, websites etc
  8. Immediate results if you implement the tips & strategies I share


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  • Doubled their leads within 3 months of working with me
  • Redefined their brand with a focus on their introverted super powers
  • Streamlined their funnel and increased conversions
  • Gained confidence in selling their products and services – without the ick
  • Found ways to increase their effectiveness by automating many tasks and outsourcing others
  • Learned to say no to projects and figured out that this actually frees up time for other, more lucrative mandates.
  • Doubled their passive income



I’d love to help you get similar or even better results !







3 month coaching for introverts

or the payment plan
3 instalments of $567 per month, 3 month commitment