Building Your Audience Through Content Creation

Building Your Audience Through Content Creation

As introverts, we are wary of self-promotion. Thankfully, there are ways to market your online business that get you in front of the people you want to help—without being pushy. So, how can you leverage avenues like YouTube, blogging and podcasting to connect with potential clients? How can you take advantage of content creation as a marketing strategy, building an audience that is hungry for your message?

Bo Miller is the creator of I Speak People, a platform designed to help introverts thrive in an extroverted world. As a certified Myers-Briggs practitioner, Bo helps introverts discover their one-of-a-kind strengths and abilities—and put those gifts to use. He is an INFJ coach, the host of the INFJ Personality Show, and the cohost of the Introvert, Dear podcast. Bo is also a teacher, and he holds a master’s in education.

Today, Bo explains how his business grew out of a curiosity about his own gifts. He shares his focus on helping INFJs, his realization around the need to balance learning with action, and his strategy for prioritizing what’s most important to the growth of his business. Bo also speaks to the value in channels like YouTube and podcasting to connect with potential clients, discussing how consistent video content creation led to a massive increase in his email list. Listen in for insight on marketing with sensitivity to the people you’re working with and learn how to promote your business in a way that suits you as an introverted entrepreneur!

In this episode you’ll learn building Your Audience Through Content Creation as well as…

  • Bo’s focus on helping INFJs through coaching, courses and content.
  • How Bo’s business grew out of a curiosity about his own gifts.
  • How Bo uses YouTube and podcasting to promote I Speak People.
  • How Bo uses segmenting to send content to the right people.
  • How learning and building relationships help Bo grow his business.
  • Bo’s take on coaching male INFJs versus female INFJs.
  • Bo’s AHA moment around balancing learning with action.
  • How consistently creating videos has expanded Bo’s email list.
  • How Bo prioritizes what’s most important to grow I Speak People.
  • Why Bo recommends CloudApp to send personalized video email.
  • How The Slight Edge inspired Bo to choose the work in front of him.
  • Bo’s view of marketing with integrity as knowing your audience.
  • Bo’s gratitude for being awaken to the world’s incredible beauty.

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