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LinkedIn Lead Generation: 4 Steps to Building Relationships

linkedin lead generation

LinkedIn is one of the leading social media platforms for building and maintaining professional and business connections. While other social media sites are used to communicate (mostly) with family, friends, and followers, LinkedIn is designed to facilitate working and professional relationships. But simply adding connections to your network is not going to automagically get you…

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LinkedIn Marketing: 5 Tasks You can Delegate

linkedin tasks

With over 130,000 new posts shared every week, LinkedIn is a premier social media marketing platform for savvy entrepreneurs and business owners. LinkedIn’s demographics weigh heavily on the side of high-earning professionals, and over 50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn when making a purchasing decision. This social media giant is a lead generating magnet.

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LinkedIn Profile Advice for Coaches

linkedin for coaches

Over one million professionals have published posts on LinkedIn, and every two secondsLinkedIn adds a new member to its database. As a professional, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to use for building a good reputation as a business owner, and for prospecting for high-quality, professional connections and leads. But, it’s all too easy…

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10 Ways to Humanize Your LinkedIn Presence

  One of the biggest mistakes most people make on LinkedIn is not focusing on their tone of voice. They focus on finding the right profile photo, endorsing the right skills, and presenting their experience as thoroughly as possible. But, they forget that what makes them stand out from the clutter is having a distinctively…

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