Have You Joined the #LinkedInLocal Movement Yet?

In May 2017, Ana McAfee organized and hosted a meetup for her LinkedIn connections. She ended the posted invitation with the hashtag #LinkedInLocal. Since that day, LinkedIn Local was born, and the hashtag has been appropriated by hundreds of young professionals who want a better way to network.

We are in the era of H2H, human to human. But too often still, even though we’re connecting with other humans, these relationships stay online. #LinkedInLocal has the goal to meet the people behind their LinkedIn Profile!

Networking is crucial for enhancing your career or business, we all know that. But we’re kind of tired of the sterile networking events where everything stays superficial and it’s essentially just a way to get rid of some of our old business cards that are collecting dust on our shelves. At the LinkedIn Local events, you can meet new people who hold similar values and goals as you.  All events are united around the belief that with authenticity, respect and collaboration we can strengthen online communities offline through meaningful interactions.

Here’s why a #LinkedInLocal event is different from any old networking event:

1. No Pitching

These events are pitch-free zones. The idea is to add value to attendees through stories, sharing and allowing time for people to connect face-to-face

2. Open to anyone

These events are inclusive, open to anyone. Whether you’re the CEO of a company, a job seeker or a web designer, there is no judgment and the focus is not on titles, but on human beings. Who are you without your job title?

3. The goal is not business first, the goal is to make a difference

The idea is to create a collaborative environment, and raise awareness for community causes and social impact. Together we can make a difference.

The business of business is no longer business. The business of business is to make the world a better place. – Carolyn Tate

To find out more about LinkedInLocal, find events in your area or join the movement to grow LinkedInLocal in your own community go to : www.linkednlocal.com

And if you’re based in Lausanne, Switzerland, join us at our next event. Follow our LinkedIn Company Page to stay up to date.

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