Should I have a LinkedIn Company Page as an Entrepreneur

While having an optimized personal profile on LinkedIn is critical for success on the platform, I highly recommend you also create a LinkedIn Company Page for your business. This article (and video) will give you insight into why it’s a good idea for an entrepreneur to take advantage of the LinkedIn Company Page

Should I have a LinkedIn Company Page as an Entrepreneur

Why you should have a LinkedIn Company Page as an Entrepreneur

1. Helps your company branding
If your audience is on LinkedIn, having a company page and sharing content will definitely help your company branding & awareness.

2. Show up in search results
LinkedIn Company Pages are well indexed in Google and if someone searches for your company it can’t hurt that besides your website they’ll also find your LinkedIn Company page.

3. Links together all your employees

If your employees have set up their personal profile correctly, a LinkedIn Company page is a great way to link everyone together. On top of that your company logo will show up on all your employees’ personal profiles.

4. You can run sponsored updates (and send free updates to your followers)

And finally, if you want to run sponsored updates, you need a company page to target specific prospects.

5. Creates a link between your personal profile & your company

By creating a company page for your small business you will be able to display a logo next to your current experience section. If you don’t have a company page the default grey logo will be displayed. Having your logo there obviously looks much more professional.

Watch the quick video:

How do I create a LinkedIn Company Page

First, click the ‘work’ icon located at the top-right corner of your LinkedIn homepage. Next, click ‘create company page.’ Then, simply enter your company or brand name and choose a URL. Check the verification box and then hit ‘create page.’ It’s that easy.

What Content Should I post on my new LinkedIn Company Page?

Now that you have a page, you can also share content via this page in order to communicate with your followers. Personally, as an entrepreneur myself, I prefer to focus my efforts by sharing content to my personal network. But if you’re part of a bigger company, 2 or more employees, it makes sense to define a content strategy and share regular content via your page. Read this post for some ‘LinkedIn Company Page Content Ideas.’

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