Get More Engagement with the New LinkedIn Audio Messaging

Consumers and Social Media users have high expectations for brands and business. With the recent advent of new, interactive marketing techniques (I’m thinking of Facebook Messenger Bots for example), it’s more important than ever before to take your Social Media interactions to the next level. Recently, LinkedIn rolled out a new feature to help you with just that – LinkedIn Audio messaging.

New LinkedIn Audio Messaging

What is LinkedIn audio messaging?

LinkedIn audio messaging allows you to record and send a voice message to your contacts. The feature is only available on the mobile app and enables you to record messages up to a minute in length. LinkedIn audio messaging is similar to sending and receiving a voicemail.

How does it work?

When you go into your mobile messaging keyboard, you’ll see a microphone icon at the bottom of the message box. All you need to do is tap and hold the microphone icon and start talking. Release the icon when you’re done, and it will send the message.
Not sure the message is good enough, or you hate the way your voice took on a nasally edge toward the end? Don’t worry; you can delete the message and start over. While still keeping your finger on the microphone icon, slide your finger away while holding it down. Basically, just swipe left instead of releasing the microphone icon to delete the file.

Why should you use LinkedIn audio messaging?

1. It humanizes the exchange:

For the person on the receiving end of an audio message, Linkedin audio messaging humanizes the exchange. In an era where most communication takes place via text, an audio message can differentiate you, and set you apart. Your personality can more easily shine through if you speak as opposed to type your messages. LinkedIn audio messaging can give you an extra boost and charisma that you can’t always access through text-based communication.

2. It’s faster than typing

If you’ve ever tried to send a long-winded text full of essential instructions or information, you might have wished that you could talk instead of typing the message. Typing on the computer is one thing, typing a lengthy text on your mobile is a complete different story. I often get ‘quick’ questions from my contacts on LinkedIn. You know, the ones that are quick to ask, but sometimes not as quick to answer. At least when you have to type them. Recording a quick audio really has increased my efficiency!

3. It’s less intrusive

People are busy, and sending an audio message can seem much less intrusive than a phone call. When you want to communicate with someone in a low-pressure way, but text just won’t cut it, LinkedIn audio messaging is a great solution.

I love the audio feature on WhatsApp all the time, and the LinkedIn Audio feature is essentially the same. What about you? Will you start to use it?


Watch this quick video on using the LinkedIn Messenger to start conversations & get more engagement.

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