What’s the Point of LinkedIn?

What’s the point of LinkedIn? It’s a professional platform that you can use for your Personal Branding & to position yourself as an expert in order to get clients with ease.

What's the point of LinkedIn_

Who’s on LinkedIn?

While large social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are more for the ‘social’ aspect of social media, LinkedIn is about connecting with clients and partners as a business, brand, or professional. With over half of LinkedIn users earning upwards of 75K per year in income, the platform’s demographics are disproportionately comprised of high-earning, college-educated professionals, and large and mid-sized companies. This platform is a goldmine of professional and business networking opportunities, and close to 50% of B2B marketers utilize the platform before making a buying decision.

What LinkedIn is good for

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to build a professional network & use it for your Personal Branding: position yourself as an expert in your field. LinkedIn is good for serving your audience: sharing valuable content, educating, engaging with others, sharing their content etc.

What LinkedIn is not good for

LinkedIn is perfectly optimized for you to find and grow your network, client base and business partnerships, but you can’t stay there. The sale doesn’t happen on LinkedIn. In order for you to close a deal, make the sale, and nurture beneficial relationships, you must get off the platform.

You need to meet your prospect

It can be a phone call, a Zoom or Skype call, or perhaps an in-person meeting. It all depends on your business model, whether you are doing business mostly in your local area or world wide.

LinkedIn works like a quality referral

You know about the power of referrals, right? When you get on that call prepared to practice your best sales techniques – and then the person on the other end of the phone just says: ‘when can we start?’

If you do a good job on LinkedIn, you will have similar conversations. Because people have already done their research. They looked at your LinkedIn Profile, they studied your website, they have been following your content. 57% of their buying decision is already made. Now they want to just talk to you & find out about your human side. So if you’re not a complete weirdo, AND (and this is important) have something that sells (services or products), there’s a good chance that you’ll also hear ‘when can we start?’

In conclusion

The point of LinkedIn is to build a professional network, establish your brand & authority – and then get clients offline!

Need help?

If you’d like to discuss how to use LinkedIn more efficiently to get clients for your established business, why not book a Courtesy Clarity Call with me.

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