To Get Clients on LinkedIn, You Need a Content Strategy

Saying that content marketing plays a vital role in acquiring leads and improving your conversion rate is an understatement. Gone are the days when you could spam your prospects with ads and wait for them to turn into customers. Nowadays, people value brands that make an effort to educate them and offer them solutions that could help solve their problems. Blabbering on about your products is a surefire way to get prospects to tune out your message.

to get clients on LinkedIn you need a content strategy

The same rules apply to LinkedIn too. Don’t assume that if the purpose of the social network is to connect you with like-minded professionals, potential employers, thought leaders or people that share similar interests, then the only thing they’ll care about is your experience and featured skills. If you want to get clients on LinkedIn, then you need a sound content strategy in place.

Here’s how to use content to get clients on LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn Pulse to Position Yourself as an Expert on LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides you with a wide spectrum of opportunities for content creation. For instance, you can use LinkedIn Pulse, their publishing platform to share content, educate & engage your connections in meaningful conversations. Make sure to write content that humanizes your brand by sharing your personal opinions. 

Adjust Your Tone of Voice

Consider your audience (and why they are on LinkedIn)  when creating and distributing content. A funny meme or cute cat picture may work on social networks like Facebook or Instagram, but here you should keep things professional. Don’t confuse professional for boring, though. You can still create engaging content and attention-grabbing posts, just not by using the strategies you’re employing on other networks. Videos and infographics are excellent ways of keeping your audience engaged and interested. Read this post on How to Balance Personal & Professional Interaction on LinkedIn.

Find the Right Timing and Frequency

People are eager to read high-quality content and well-researched articles, but that doesn’t mean that you should spam them with 20 posts per day. Sooner rather than later they will begin to ignore your content and stop engaging with it.

Don’t post more than two status updates a day, and don’t cross the limit of two long articles per week. Test different time intervals and see what works best for your audience. As mentioned, you don’t want to stress them with too much content, but you also don’t want to get out of their radar with seldom posting.

Don’t Be Afraid to Start a Conversation

Once you’ve established your LinkedIn content strategy and you began posting high-quality articles regularly, then you can expect to see a spike in connection requests. Take advantage of them and begin conversations with your prospects. Not only can this type of engagement help you build meaningful relationships, but can also lead to countless opportunities.


LinkedIn can do more than just allow you to connect with relevant people in your niche. It can also be an excellent platform for promoting your business and bringing new clients in. You just need to learn how to create a sound content strategy and leverage it to grab the attention of your prospects.

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