Use Native Video on LinkedIn to Humanize Your Brand

Use Native Video on LinkedIn to Humanize Your Brand and add a personal touch to your engagement on LinkedIn.

Hi there, Sarah Santacroce with tip number six of the ten tip video series on How to Humanize Your LinkedIn Presence. Tip number six is about using video. LinkedIn now has the available to upload videos or on the mobile for now, you can also stream videos. It’s still not live, but it’s getting there, I’m sure that eventually they will catch up with Facebook and have live streaming on LinkedIn as well, it always takes a bit longer for LinkedIn.

Obviously, it’s a bit different from Facebook live videos. If you’re following me on Facebook you’ll notice that they’re kind of different formats, it’s a bit more professional obviously even though you see my office in the background. But, I put make-up on for this video, which I don’t necessarily do on Facebook 😉 I think if there’s different levels of humanizing the brand, a LinkedIn video is definitely at the top and it shows you as a person. It also shows you as the expert in your field because you get to talk about what you do and what you’re passionate about.

Use Native Video on LinkedIn to Humanize Your Brand

That’s tip number six. Use LinkedIn video, but use it wisely, it’s a different kind of crowd on LinkedIn, so you might not want to start with a video that you record outside where it’s very hard to hear and the audio is very bad. Start with a video that you record on a separate platform. For this video, for example, I’m using Zoom to record and then I can do some minor editing. I’m not saying to create stiff videos, but just recognize that the LinkedIn audience is definitely very different from the Facebook audience

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