Share your personal opinions in LinkedIn articles

Share your personal opinions in LinkedIn articles, use your unique voice in order to build a connection with other users.

Hi there, Sarah Santacroce with tip number four of the ten tip video series on How to Humanize Your LinkedIn Presence. Tip number four is all about publishing articles on LinkedIn that also share your personal opinion. When I teach my clients on how to use the LinkedIn Publisher, some people call it LinkedIn Pulse, it’s this great took that LinkedIn has where you actually publish content as if it were a WordPress site and publish these articles to your network. When I first work with clients, people are coming up with this content that is very sterile, that talks about their experience and shows what they can do for people. But, usually there’s no relation to the author. It doesn’t show their personal opinion or show their personal experience.

What I teach them is to also in the content, really humanize that approach so that people who read this content that you’re sharing, they’re already, at this stage, building a relationship with the author because they can relate to the content and therefore to the publisher and the author. So, that being you, what I encourage you to do is not just share or publish content as sterile, but make it you. 

That’s tip number four, use your unique voice, share personal opinions…

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