Make your engagement on LinkedIn more personal

Make your engagement on LinkedIn more personal: just because it’s a professional platform it doesn’t need to sound all stiff & corporate.

Hi there, Sarah Santacroce here with tip number three of the ten tip video series on How to Humanize Your LinkedIn Presence. Showing a little bit of vulnerability. Maybe telling your network about some fails or celebrating success stories. Or, places you’ve been, networking events that you’ve been to, but adding it in a human tone, and not always thinking about the person in front of you that you want to sell to, but more thinking of how would you talk to this person if he or she was right in front of you. How would you make it in a more human way?

That’s tip number three, add a little bit more of your personal side to your interaction on LinkedIn, like commenting in a way that comes over as more human and lets you see you as the person and not just you as the business person.

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Sarah Santacroce

Sarah is an internationally recognized LinkedIn Specialist & Online Presence Mentor who has personally coached, mentored and guided over 1,900 entrepreneurs. She helps them position themselves as experts on LinkedIn, shows them how to find & express their unique voice & stand out as thought leaders. As a result they find their tribe, get the recognition they deserve & a steady flow of clients – with ease & not sleaze. In addition to her LinkedIn expertise, Sarah is known for helping fellow introverts market their business authentically & anxiety-free, sell their services & make a difference. She’s also the host of the ‘Introvert Biz Growth’ podcast where she has conversations with introverts who have grown their business using their introverted super powers. She lives in beautiful Switzerland where she was born and raised, but considers herself an alternative thinking citizen of this world who’s on a mission to bring more kindness to business. When she’s not working she loves adventure & traveling (ask her about her alter ego in Sicily), yoga & nature walks or hanging out with her 3 boys (a husband and two teenage sons).

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