LinkedIn Don’ts: Don’t talk about these topics

LinkedIn Don’ts: I advise to stay away from topics such as politics, religion, and also wouldn’t recommend family vacation pictures on LinkedIn

Hi there, Sarah Santacroce with tip number nine of the ten tip video series on How to Humanize Your LinkedIn Presence. Tip number nine is a bit different from other tips because until now, I told you what you could do or maybe should do on LinkedIn until you realize your brand. Today’s tip is all about the “don’ts”. There are a few things, even though they might show your personality and might show the real you, I still advise you don’t do them.

LinkedIn Don’ts

The first one is engaging into political conversations. I think politics are a very touchy subject that I would rather not discuss on LinkedIn. Same goes for religion, obviously you want to stay away from that. You can discuss that with family and friends, but I would not engage into religious conversations. Obviously, it’s a big difference if you’re a big influencer, I’m thinking about Guy Kawasaki, for example, he’s famous for putting out political stuff. He can do that. He actually posted something where he said, I’m not looking for a job anymore. I’m at the end of my career, I’m just using my influence to share a message. Good for him, right? But, as a regular LinkedIn user, I would definitely tell you to stay away from politics and religion.

I would also not over use LinkedIn for posting too many pictures of family. Definitely out of respect for my family, I never post pictures of me and my family on LinkedIn. I barely do it on Facebook, so definitely not LinkedIn. Family is kind of reserved for your friends and stuff on Facebook or Instagram, but not LinkedIn. Religion, politics, family. Personally, I don’t like people who post too many quotes on LinkedIn. If they become the “quote person” so to say, I would unfollow their updates as well.

There are a couple of don’ts even though they might be very important to you and they might represent who you are as a person, I would rather stay away from engaging into conversations like that. That’s today’s tip and tip number nine.

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