5 Golden Rules for Social Selling Etiquette on LinkedIn

In a world where consumers are becoming all powerful, we must rethink our techniques to match the way people research brands and shop today. LinkedIn has proven to be a powerful tool for businesses that want to build connections, nurture relationships, and encourage conversions. As long as you know your Social Selling Etiquette.

Because even the slightest mistake in etiquette can wreak havoc your efforts and damage the relationships you’ve worked hard to build.

5 Golden Rules of Social Selling Etiquette

With that in mind, here are the

5 Golden Rules of Social Selling Etiquette on LinkedIn

  1.   Don’t Send Default Connection Requests

One of the most important Social Selling etiquettes, regardless of the network you’re using, is making people feel valued. If you’re sending cold, impersonal requests to your entire network, you’re positioning yourself as a brand/professional who is only interested in clicks, and not in building meaningful connections. This action tells your prospects that you don’t value them enough to take the time to create a personalized message.

Take the time to learn at least a bit about the person you’re inviting to connect. Write a compelling note in which you explain who you are and why you want to connect.


  1.   Offer Value

One of the things that people get wrong about Social Selling on LinkedIn is thinking that drowning their network in updates equates building relationships. In reality, though, you are just annoying your prospects or, worst, turning them away from your brand.

Every update you share must help you connect, inform, and engage with your audience. For example, you might share an interesting article with your network or add an insightful comment to a status update one of your connections shared. It’s quality before quantity.


  1.   Don’t Turn Every Interaction into a Sales Pitch

A lot of businesses still confuse Social Selling with cold calling. However, unlike cold calling where you reach out to your prospects trying to sell your goods or services, social selling’s main purpose is to develop meaningful connections with your network and hope that they will understand the value your business brings and, eventually convert.

If you’re turning every interaction into a sales pitch, prospects will perceive you as unprofessional and desperate. Instead, take a customer-centric approach and focus on learning what prospects are expecting from this relationship.


  1.   Don’t Assume Everyone Is a Prospect

It doesn’t matter how big your network is; not every person there is a qualified prospect. Some are friends who joined your network to help you get started. Some prospects connected with you because they wanted to take advantage of something you’ve offered, such as a discount or free coupon, but never intended to convert fully. Some just want to follow you because they know you share valuable insights in your LinkedIn posts.

That’s fine. Don’t assume that every one in your network is a prospect. In fact, don’t consider anyone a prospect. Consider them a person, with whom you’re connected, and with whom your establishing a relationship with, via your content. They will start to see you as the expert in your field, and… if they hear from someone in their network that needs what you offer, they will think of you first. 


  1.   Don’t Let Your Connections Go Dry

The point of Social Selling on LinkedIn is to build meaningful connections and nurture them to the point where prospects are ready to convert and turn into customers. However, a lot of entrepreneurs tend to forget that, just as in real life, LinkedIn leads need regular engagement too.

From clicking “Like” on a work anniversary to commenting on a status update, there are numerous ways in which you can engage with your audience and stay in touch with them.

Social Selling on LinkedIn should be about providing value to your audience. When you focus on the needs of your prospects, they are more likely to choose your brand and turn into lifelong customers.


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