LinkedIn Essentials for the LinkedIn Skeptic

So you think LinkedIn is just for Job Seekers? Or you just simply hate it because it’s so sterile or boring? That’s ok. But at least make sure you check this post to see if your profile stands the test of LinkedIn Essentials. People do find it in Google Searches you know…

LinkedIn Essentials

Skeptics usually need reasons for doing something. So if you need reasons why you should be more active on LinkedIn, read this post (hint: it has to do with conversions, business mindset and higher average income).

LinkedIn Essentials for the LinkedIn Skeptic

I get it, LinkedIn is the Chamber of Commerce of the social platforms. A bit old fashioned (despite the recent update) and sterile. But still, guess which link shows up in the top 5 results when people google your name? Yep, your LinkedIn Profile. So a bad LinkedIn Profile could actually hurt your business! So let’s look at the LinkedIn Essentials, shall we?

  1. Good profile picture

    First of all you need a professional LinkedIn Profile Picture. Not the one from your Facebook profile. And not one that you cut out from your recent beach holiday.Your profile picture should be recent, of good quality, neutral background, looking straight at the camera, smiling & no please skip the accessories (hats, pets, partners etc).Read this post about the 5 Key Elements of a Good Profile LinkedIn Picture (and while you’re there why not share it with your LinkedIn connections?)

  2. Customized public profile url

    As I said, usually your LinkedIn Profile link shows up in the top results when someone searches for your name. But… it helps to customize your public profile url.It also helps to have that vanity link so that you can for example add it to your business cards or include it in your email signature. Read this post that shows you how to customize your url and 3 more tips to get your LinkedIn Profile to show up in Google search results.

  3. A good summary

    That’s where most people fail, so don’t worry if you’re missing the summary section on your profile – you’re not alone! The summary is in my opinion one of the most important parts of the LinkedIn Profile.If you’re an entrepreneur it should talk about the present, how you can help your clients, not about the past.Read this post to learn more about the summary section and what to write.

  4. Contact details

    What’s the point of a LinkedIn Profile if people have no way of contacting you? Remember, on LinkedIn you cannot invite people who are outside of your 1st and 2nd degree connections, unless you have a premium account. So give people alternatives: add your e-mail & phone number so that they can reach out to you.

  5. A connection strategy

    The last thing you need if you’re just doing the bare minimum on LinkedIn is your very own connection strategy. You need to think about who you will accept in your LinkedIn network – because whether you like it or not, people will want to connect with you. So think about that once and define your own connection strategy. This post will help!

And if you just realized that maybe LinkedIn isn’t just for Job Seekers but that your competitors are getting clients on it every day you should give your LinkedIn Profile a complete overhaul and go beyond the LinkedIn Essentials. My LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix is the most convenient solution for that! Create a LinkedIn Profile that sells you !

LinkedIn Essentials for the LinkedIn Skeptic

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