Why LinkedIn is THE best place for Coaches to Get Clients

I work with a lot of coaches. I love working with them! I help them with their LinkedIn strategy, but often we end up talking about marketing themselves as Coaches in general. But in this post I’m focusing on LinkedIn and would like to explain why LinkedIn is THE best place for Coaches to get clients.

best place for Coaches to Get Clients

Here is Why LinkedIn is THE best place for Coaches to Get Clients

Reason 1: Clients are professionals

Of course there are many different types of Coaches: Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Executive Coaches, Career Coaches, Nutritional Coaches etc etc. The coaching topics are very different but the one thing these coaches have in common is the fact that most of their clients are professionals of some kind. There are exceptions of course, but the vast majority of people who are willing to hire a coach, are employed and can therefore be found on LinkedIn !!

2. Reason 2: Clients are international

Many of the coaches I worked with in the past struggled with one thing: time! They found it difficult to juggle their calendar with local coaching clients who required that the coach meet them at a local coffee place or even at their home. Too few clients, not enough time. So most of them switched to coaching online (I love Zoom for my coaching calls) and therefore expanded their horizon and are now working with clients nationally or even internationally. Well, LinkedIn is international and those clients can be found on LinkedIn.

Reason 3: Clients have money – less Freebie hunters

Coaches who just start out often offer free coaching sessions but are then frustrated that many people take them up on their offer but then stop after the free session. People on LinkedIn are professionals, meaning they have a higher average income than people on Facebook for example. This means that your conversion rate from these free sessions will be higher because you get less Freebie hunters! Click here to find out more about LinkedIn user demographics in my post called ‘Are you leaving money on the table because you’re not using LinkedIn to get clients

Reason 4: Sales Cycle is shorter

People are on LinkedIn for one main reason: their professional development. Where on Facebook people are there for another main reason: stay in touch with family & friends. Which means that the Sales Cycle on LinkedIn is much shorter! There’s much less distraction, less schmoozing. We all know that we’re here for business.

Reason 5: You get to educate about Coaching via the LinkedIn Publisher

If everyone knew the benefits of coaching, much more people would hire their personal coach. But even though the coaching industry exploded, there is still a lot of educating to be done… LinkedIn is great for that. Besides your personal profile you get free access to the LinkedIn Publisher or also called LinkedIn Pulse. It’s essentially a self-publishing tool which you can use instead of your blog, or in addition to your blog, to educate your contacts & the general LinkedIn audience about Coaching. Read this post that explains the difference between Blogging vs Publishing on LinkedIn.

Need help?

If you’d like to discuss how to use LinkedIn more efficiently to get clients for your established Coaching Business, why not book a Courtesy Clarity Call with me.

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2 thoughts on “Why LinkedIn is THE best place for Coaches to Get Clients”

  1. Your article answered most of the questions I’ve had about whether to create a LinkedIn account as a blogger/coach. So thank you for writing it. The benefits you’ve listed made my decision easier. And makes me wonder why the blogging courses didn’t suggest it.

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