Who To Connect With On LinkedIn: A 6 Step Strategy

Who To Connect With On LinkedIn? Not an easy decision… Networking on Social Media is a little different from networking in person. Typically in person someone introduces you to the connection, which gives you some credibility. On Social Media it’s not uncommon to connect with complete strangers. There is nothing really wrong with that, but make sure that you give a lot of thought and consideration to your goals as you connect with people.

Who to connect with on LinkedIn

Before we go into the 6 step strategy, just a quick reminder that before you go out and start connecting with people,

it’s a good idea to have a critical look at your LinkedIn Profile.

What will people see when you connect with them? Is it just a boring bullet list CV or does it a sexy sales page that does the selling for you so you don’t have to? If you need help turning your profile into a client magnet, check out my LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix.

And now to the

6 step strategy on who to connect with on LinkedIn

1. Quality over Quantity

Don’t just connect willy-nilly with everyone who asks.

Check out their profile; determine what the potential benefits are to you before agreeing to connect with them. Even on LinkedIn there will be people who just want to connect with you for scamming purposes (read this post about the 3 warning signs of a fake LinkedIn Profile). Read as much as you can about the person, check out their connections, and agree only if you can see some good benefit to it. Turning down people is an important part of building quality connections.

2. Connect with People You Know

The first people to connect with are those that you know, like and trust.

These are the people who can help introduce you to people that you need to connect to.

If you’ve worked with them before, or truly know their ethics – all the better. These are the people that you can align yourself with to ensure that people know that you are also trustworthy and knowledgeable. You are often known in real life and online by the people you associate yourself with.

3. Connect with People You Respect Online

After you have followed someone on other social media, purchased their products, or enjoyed their blog, and have assessed whether or not it would be beneficial to make the connection, it’s time to move forward.

Once you know who they are then it’s perfectly safe to connect with them – even if you have not met them in person.

4. Connect with People You Admire in Groups

LinkedIn has groups that you can join.

Joining the groups and having discussion with members is a great way to find people to connect with.

If someone says something you find important and interesting, and you check out their profile and they seem like someone that you want to get to know, it’s perfectly okay to connect with them.

5. Connect with People Who Ask to Connect to You

But, only connect after having done your homework and checked their profile

– or if  they’ve taken the time to send you a personalized connection request that explains why they think it is beneficial. Read their profile, check the groups they are in see how they participate, and if you are impressed go ahead and connect with them. If you ever make a mistake and connect to the wrong person, you can always end the connection.

6. Search for new prospects to connect with

If you want new clients you need to continuously grow your network. But not just randomly, but strategically.

LinkedIn is THE best place to search for prospects.

You can use the Advanced Search for that. An alternative for Advanced Search is to look for new prospects in groups (step 4) or use the Alumni Search. Of course you always need to personalize the invitation message.

If you’re curious about my connection strategy, you’ll find it on this post. And what about after you’ve accepted or invited new contacts? It doesn’t end there! That’s where it starts! Discover my 5 Tips for Your Post-Connection Strategy.


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