Entrepreneurs, LinkedIn is a Waste of Time

Entrepreneurs, LinkedIn is a waste of time… Really! Don’t bother… unless you’re going in there with a clear objective and a plan to use this professional platform to position yourself as the expert, create a profile that does the selling for you & use LinkedIn like a social platform (you have to get creative here, since LinkedIn really doesn’t make it easy for us!)

LinkedIn is a Waste of Time

Let’s first listen to the nay-sayers:

“I never got anything out of it, LinkedIn is a waste of time”

I hear it all the time. That’s right, for most entrepreneurs, it’s a total waste of energy.

Why? Because most business owners think they can just put up their LinkedIn Profile, and then the clients will start calling.

It doesn’t work that way, does it? I’ve heard it doesn’t work that way with anything: not your Facebook Page, not your website not even your brick & mortar store.

“LinkedIn is sooo boring compared to Facebook”

Even though the nice folks at LinkedIn try to keep up with Facebook and the likes,

the fact is that LinkedIn is and always will be less sexy than Facebook.

Why? Because business is more boring than leisure maybe? Or is it because most people have not bothered giving the new, more social features on LinkedIn a try? For example did you know that the internal messaging system is exactly like the one we’re used to from What’sApp? Or did you know that you can tag people in updates, just like you can on Facebook? Or, did you know you can add Youtube videos to your profile?

“My clients are not on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is just for B2B.”

Don’t just assume. Ask yourself the following questions about your ideal client:

– is he or she employed?
– is he or she running his/her own business?
– is he or she the decision maker of a bigger company?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then there’s a good chance that you will find your client on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is no longer just for job seekers or corporate people!

“I’m more of a Facebook person. LinkedIn is a waste of time.”

If your clients are Facebook people too, then that might just work well for you. But what if they aren’t?

What if your clients don’t even have a Facebook account?

If you are a Coach, Consultant, Virtual Assistant or other Service Provider who works with professionals (employed or self-employed) you need to be on LinkedIn !

And now, let’s look at some facts & find out if LinkedIn really is a waste of time

1. LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Twitter or Facebook

Hubspot released data that LinkedIn is almost 3x more effective for lead generation. Why? Because LinkedIn is a more focused platform. It’s all about business.

2. People on LinkedIn are in a business mindset.

They use LinkedIn to look for service providers like you, connect & then send you an email with a meeting request. The sales cycle is way shorter than on any other social network. People are in it for business.

3. LinkedIn users have a much higher average income than those of other platforms.

They have the money to invest in your services. They are either employed and earn a good income, or they are entrepreneurs with a serious business.

4. Your competitors are getting clients on this professional platform every day

‘I Liked What I Saw on Your LinkedIn Profile. It seems like your business provides exactly the services I need. Can we meet to discuss?’ My clients tell me they get messages such as this one every month. And I know it’s true, because I do too.

So, conclusion? Is LinkedIn a waste of time for entrepreneurs?

Yes, it is if : 

No, it isn’t if: 

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