How to Sell on Social Media

More and more I notice that many business owners confuse Social Media with a sales platform, instead of using it for what it really is: a communication platform. This post shares a few reminders about how to sell on Social Media (and how not to).

How to Sell on Social Media

Social Media can and should absolutely be used to any business’ advantage. Whether you sell insurances, coaching, luxury watches, apps or LinkedIn Services, Social Media is a great outlet to spread your message and get exposure in front of a wider audience.

But just like hard-selling gets harder and harder to do in person (the modern buyer does his research before even meeting the supplier and 57% of the buying decision is already made), it doesn’t work at all with Social Media.

Here are five best practices when ‘selling’ through Social Media:

1. Grow your network and build relationships

Use Twitter and LinkedIn to find prospects and get to know them online before you even think about selling something. 92% of buyers say they delete emails or voicemail messages when comes from someone that they do not know. Give before you get, without asking for anything in return. You can give your time, your know-how, your contacts, your content etc. What can you give?

2. Quit babbling, start listening

The most valuable business asset of social media is listening. Pay attention to what your prospects are saying online. Monitor their social feeds. Check out their recent activity on LinkedIn and Twitter. How can you give answers that help his buying decision?

3. Uncover problems and needs.

If you’re listening well enough, you’ll notice when your connections, followers and prospects say something that’s a hint that they need what you have. That’s your opportunity to engage further in a conversation that will lead to a sale.

4. Add value

Answer questions, share advice freely, introduce people, offer interesting content. You are not a car salesman, you are an expert in your field.

5. Ask for the sale

There are many different opinions on this. I think it’s ok to ask for the sale after you have delivered great content & made sure you positioned yourself as the expert in your field. Now, this is not a pushy sale with a link to an ordering page. This is an invitation to discuss your services & products and how you think they can help the client (giving specific, researched reasons).


Remember, cold calling is no longer effective. People want connections and relationships, which is why social media has become the go-to place for being able to sell. I work with clients over the long term for the lead acquisition on LinkedIn. If it is a topic that interests you, please contact me to discuss.

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