Hide the Time Wasters on your LinkedIn Home Page

At the same time as LinkedIn has slowly but surely positioned itself as the go-to resource for professional content, a growing minority of users have also started to use it to publish non-relevant content on the platform. These updates can fill up our homepage newsfeed and make us waste precious time. Read this post on how to hide updates you are not interested in on your LinkedIn Home Page.

How to Hide the Time Wasters on your LinkedIn Home Page

Time is money. So you don’t want to waste your precious time scrolling through uninteresting LinkedIn status updates from your connections, or worse, games such as ‘which word do you see’ or silly memes.

How to Hide Updates You Are Not Interested In on Your LinkedIn Home Page

Unfortunately LinkedIn hasn’t quite caught up with the ‘time is money’ idea and doesn’t allow us to create lists of people whose content we’d like to see (as on Facebook or Twitter).

So it might be tempting to simply disconnect from these people. But hold your horses. Just because their content is not interesting to you doesn’t mean that they are not interesting business contacts. So don’t delete them just yet. Instead here’s what to do…

How to Hide The Time Wasters on Your LinkedIn Home Page

  1. Hover your mouse in the upper right hand corner of a status update by someone whose updates you want to turn off.
  2. Two options appear: ‘Hide this particular update’ and ‘Unfollow’. Clicking on ‘Hide this particular update’ will only hide this specific status update (kind of useless if you ask me). So if you want to hide all updates from this contact going forward then click on ‘unfollow’.

Btw, good to know: no notification will be sent to your contact when you hide their update.

If you change your mind and want to reveal those updates again, this is a bit more complicated:

    1. Move your cursor over your profile photo in the top right of your homepage and select Privacy & Settings.
      • For verification purposes, you may need to sign in again.
    2. Click the Account tab in the bottom left, next to the shield icon.
    3. Under the Settings section, click Manage home page content you are hiding.
    4. Click Show updates next to the connection whose updates you’d like to see.


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