Guest post: 50 must-have features for small business websites

Are you aware of what design features your small business website needs to be search engine friendly as well as user-friendly and eye catching? Knowing these top must have features for your website will help you capture your audience and turn them into buyers in the quickest way possible. This infographic will help.

50_must-have_features for your small business website

Having the proper website structure will help you rank better in the search engines, become more visible to your target audience, have a user-friendly site that people love and allow you to get better conversions and ROI.

There are several ways to design your website and blog pages and it’s important to know that changing your style to fit the desired needs of your target audience can have a drastic impact on your lead results.

There are certain places where you should place your keywords, phone number, logo, call to action buttons, page content, blog content, sliders, testimonials, features, links and more. It’s important to know where to place each feature on your website so that you can maximize your chances of capturing great targeted leads.

50 Must-Have Features

This infographic by 99MediaLab covers 50 important features including design layout ideas, homepage features and placement, contact information and social button placements, sign-up forms, footer design, inner page appearance, blog and sidebar layouts and more.

Knowing what mistakes to avoid when it comes to designing your website is also important information that can help keep you from making poor design choices. When a website is designed properly, the traffic that goes to your website will be more likely to convert and lead to more sales for your business.

Don’t hesitate to show this to your web designer if you’re in the process of creating your site.

small business website design

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