Follow these 16 Rules of Blog Layout to Create Blog Posts That Get Read

In last weeks post I boldly stated that ‘In 2016 No One Will Read Your Content…‘ Well, depending on how you present your content, that might actually be true. Learn about 16 rules of blog layout so your amazing content will continue to be read in 2016 and beyond.

16 Rules of Blog Layout

When you pick up a newspaper, what do you expect?

Sure you expect to see well thought-out, well-written copy that covers current events, but what else? You also expect that the information presented in that newspaper will be laid out and formatted in a logical and easy to understand way.

What does that mean for bloggers?

When you write a blog post, you need to think carefully about how the article is formatted and how it is presented to the reader. You could write the best blog post of your career, but if it is not presented in an easy to read manner, no one will read it.

So how can you lay out your posts to make them easy to read?

To draw your reader’s eye down the page and into your content, you can use a few basic rules that will make a huge difference. Formatting tips like restricting the width of text columns, selecting a reasonable background color and using bold or italicized text properly will go a long way toward making your content easier to read and more engaging for your audience.

Check out this infographic from for the

16 Rules of Blog Layout and Formatting

16 Rules of Blog Layout

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