Entrepreneurs: Here’s What To Do if You’re Feeling Down

We all feel down sometimes. But as entrepreneurs it’s especially tough because we have to auto-motivate ourselves to get the energy back. So here are a few suggestions on what you could do when you are feeling down.

Here's What To Do if You're Feeling Down

Feeling down is normal

We all have those days where we would just rather stay in bed and feel like anything we do is useless. I have them especially in winter or when it’s raining !

Disadvantage of being an entrepreneur

The difference with being an entrepreneur is that no one obliges us to actually get up! So we could technically just cuddle up in bed with a good book and read all day! And you know what, some days we should actually do that and feel good about it, because we have also chosen to be entrepreneurs to get that flexibility. But of course we cannot always do that !

So what to do when you’re feeling down?

In the past year I have been using Leonie Dawson’s Life & Business Planner & Workbook and let me tell you it has really helped me a lot! It’s a year planner where you define monthly objectives and revisit them each month. Now I know it’s already August, and we’re already half through the year, but maybe you need this just now in order to make the 2nd half of the year have a real impact!

Anyways, one of the sections in her workbook is called ‘In case the suckies strike’ 😉 It’s a page Leonie wants you to fill out and pin up somewhere in your office. Here’s an excerpt of my list and what I do when I’m feeling down:

What I do when ‘the suckies strike’

    • go outside for 5 minutes: fresh air always helps to clear your mind and a little vitamin B never hurts
    • listen to a good song: I love music and one of my favorite songs almost always does the trick and gets me back to being motivated. Try it and listen to ‘I’m happy from Pharrell Williams’
    • stretch: get up and stretch, a real stretch ! Ahh, feels good doesn’t it? I love how small kids always naturally stretch when they wake up. Then over time they loos the habit. Stretch more often, it feels good !
    • cuddle the kids (or a pet): when we’re feeling down our need for affection rises. Go ahead and get that affection where you can. Maybe your kids are around and still in the cuddle-friendly age, or otherwise maybe you can give your dog or cat a good hug.
    • put on some aroma therapy: as I believe in alternative medicine I also like to use essential oils to boost my mood. For example Lavendar or Bergamot. Give it a try!
    • call one of my colleagues or Mastermind peeps: when I’m feeling stuck with a project and need some advice or just someone to listen I also like to give one of my colleagues or Mastermind peeps a call. Often it’s reassuring to hear that we’re not alone and that others have bad days too !

What do you do when you’re feeling down?

Why not create a list like that as well – or download Leonie’s workbook.

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  1. Business’ downfall can’t be avoided. You just have to learn how to cope with it and as much as possible, do everything you can to fix the problem and come up with a good solution. Your idea in this post is really great. Many entrepreneurs will definitely learn from this and hopefully they can use it every time they are feeling down in facing business issues and problems. Thanks for sharing.

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