4 Tricks To Write a Blog Post in 45 Minutes

Are you looking for ways to blog more efficiently? Here are my 4 favorite tricks to write a blog post in 45 minutes

One of the most common topics clients want to work on during a Power Hour with me, is the ‘Blogging’ topic. Sarah, how do I waste less time on blog posts? Sarah, it takes me at least 3 hours to write a post! Sarah, I just sit there with a blank document and don’t know what to write about! If that’s you, here are 4 tricks to write a blog post in 45 minutes.

How to write a blog post in 45 minutes

1. Write in series

My first trick is to write a longer blog post, and then brake it up into a 3-post series. Yes, you will be spending more then 45 minutes on the longer post, but if you do the math per post it will probably around 45 minutes or less. So pick a topic where you can expand a bit, book 1.5 – 2 hours and write a masterpiece.

2. Write on the go

My favorite trick is to write on the go. Now I realize that this might not work in every country, depending on the public transport system. In Switzerland, where I’m based, we often take the train. So whenever I meet clients in another city, I plan to write at least 1 post per journey. For me this is the most effective way to write, because I know that I’m on the train for 40 minutes, and when the train pulls into the station I need to have my post (at least a good first draft). I’m writing this very post on my way to Geneva.

3. Embed it!

The third trick is to use rich media files and embed them into your blog post. You can use Youtube videos, infographics or create a list with listlyand then just write 3 short paragraphs around the topic covered in the embedded content. You need to still have at least some text with the post, otherwise the search engine spiders won’t be able to recognize what the post is about. See this post about ‘The perfect blog post‘ with an embedded infographic.

4. Create a list

Listly is another favorite tool I like to use when I’m in a rush. Within minutes you can create a list and then embed it on your blog. See this post on ‘Top Blogs to Read in 2015‘ as an example.

Give those 4 tricks a try. You’ll see how efficient blogging can be.

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  2. Hi Sarah I love the writing on the go suggestion. I’ve used that a few times. I find that getting out from my usual surroundings and the pressure of knowing I only have a certain amount of time to write really helps focus my mind.

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