The 2 Main Reasons Why You’re Wasting Your Time on Job Boards

Are you wasting your time and energy applying to an endless list of jobs you find on job boards? Are you frustrated because you never hear back from any of them? Read this post before you do anything else

Are you wasting your time on Job Boards

Jean-Luc Jolliet, a Career Advisor says the following about job boards: “Standard methods in job searching will give you the same insights as everybody else and provide the same outputs the vast majority of job seekers experiences: a negative answer because you are tapping into the visible segment of the employment market whose access is given to everybody and where competition is tough.” (read his entire post here)

Below are the 2 main reasons why you’re wasting your time on Job Boards


Reason #1: 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates

94% percent of all recruiters search for ideal candidates on LinkedIn. That is huge. And it makes so much sense. LinkedIn was developed for recruiters and today LinkedIn’s biggest revenue stream still comes from recruiter specific products. Are you curious to find out how recruiters search for profiles on LinkedIn? Watch the video below.

You know how many job seekers are active on LinkedIn? Only 36%!


Reason #2: 80% – 85% of all job openings are unlisted!

As Jean-Luc alludes to in his quote in the intro, if you are applying to jobs that are listed on job boards you are tapping into the job pool that everyone has access to and therefore competition is extremely tough. In other words you only see the tip of the iceberg. 80 – 85% of all jobs are unlisted. Either the companies hiring manager has the mission to find a candidate himself, or they hire a recruiter. In both cases I’m willing to bet that they are using their network and/or LinkedIn to find the perfect match for the open position!

So you see, both reasons inevitably lead to your LinkedIn Profile. With over 400 Million profiles on LinkedIn you need to accomplish 2 things to find your dream job:

1. Get recruiters to find you on LinkedIn (keyword optimize your profile)
2. Stand out, impress and get the call.

Your LinkedIn Profile is the first impression recruiters or hiring managers get from you! Are you making a good impression?

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