Do you know these 3 secrets to get more traffic to your site?

When’s the last time you’ve looked at your Google Analytics stats? Were you happy with your traffic numbers? If not, here are 3 secrets to get more traffic to your site.

Did you know these 3 secrets to drive traffic to your site?

1. Publish content that answers your audiences questions

Are you publishing content? If your answer is ‘yes’ you’re already on the right track! Only by publishing regular content will you guarantee that the Google spiders are crawling your site on a regular basis. But you also need to make sure that you publish content that answers your audience’s questions & solves their problems. 78% of people search online before they buy! In other words your customers go to Google to search for information that help them in their buying decision. If your content is not there, they will find your competitor’s content !

2. Optimize your content for the Search Engines

Talking about Search Engines: those little spiders are hungry for keywords. So when creating that content, you need to keep that in mind. Focus on keywords your prospects would type into the search bar. If you have a WordPress website I highly recommend the ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast‘ plugin. For each blog post you need to fill out the Focus Keyword as well as the Meta Description.

3 secrets to get more traffic

3. Share, share and share again!

‘If you build it they will come’ doesn’t apply to your website. Once you hit the ‘publish’ button your job has just begun 😉 You need to go share-crazy and let the world know that you’ve just published a new article on your blog. I use Evernote to create a ‘blog vital’, a new entry that contains all the essential info I need in order to share my new post on all the social media platforms: link to the post, description, shortened link, twitter handles of people mentioned in the post, hashtags etc. Here are 7 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Via Social Media.


Now, sometimes us marketers get a little bit crazy about traffic. It seems like traffic is the answer to all our problems. So let me close with this: ‘Traffic isn’t everything!’ If you rank for the wrong keywords for example, your traffic won’t turn into sales. Or if you have tons of traffic, but no call to actions, no products for sale on your site, all that traffic doesn’t make you rich either. In the end it’s the conversions that count !21 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic



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