5 Reasons Why Your Readers Are Not Opening Your E-Mails

One of the most common questions I get about E-Mail Marketing is ‘Sarah, what’s a opening rate?’ The answer is ‘it depends on your industry, but in average it’s about 20%. If your numbers are lower than that, you should be interested in this post!

5 Reasons Your Readers Are Not Reading Your Emails

Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Readers Are Not Opening Your E-Mails

1. Your subject line doesn’t capture attention

What’s the first thing people see when they get your e-mail? Yes, your subject line. 33% of email recipients open email based on subject line alone. So if you have a boring, super complicated or a super salesy subject line, chances that your e-mail ends in the trash are much higher.

2. Your email list needs some updating

If people are no longer opening your newsletter, it might be that your list needs some ‘cleaning out’. Sometimes people need a little push to click on ‘unsubscribe’. Sarah, why are you pushing me to tell people to unsubscribe? Because you’re much better off with a smaller list of people who opens your e-mails than a huge list who just ignores all your mailings.

3. You’re not using your real name

Think about it: why are you sending out a newsletter? Not sure? To nurture the relationship with your readers. They have voluntarily signed up to your list and agreed to get your newsletter. Now people do business with people. So don’t use your company name, use your own name in the ‘From’ field.

4. You’re not using your real email address

This is another big one. If you’re ‘From’ e-mail is info@mycompany.com or donotreply@mycompany.com you are clearly reducing your opening rate ! If you give the impression that you want to stay anonymous, your relationship with your readers will also stay very anonymous and cold. Instead use your real e-mail address and even tell people that even though this is an automated e-mail, they can hit ‘reply’ and you promise to get back to them. If needed, hire a Virtual Assistant to take care of your e-mails.

5. You’re not being regular in your mailings

Usually around the Holiday Season I get a series of messages of lists I have subscribed to a long time ago, sometimes I don’t even remember I did. Do I read those messages? I might, but only so I can find the ‘Unsubscribe’ button at the bottom and click on it. Regularity is key in E-Mail Marketing ! People need to come to expect your message, on the same day, the same time – all the time.

Take action NOW and change those few settings & tell me if your opening rate improved !

And if you’re new to E-Mail Marketing you might find my E-Mail Marketing Basics E-book of interest.

E-Mail Marketing Basics

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