Personal Branding: Not Just For Business Owners !

When speaking about Personal Branding: Blending Who You Are With What You Do at a Corporate Networking Event for the WIN Organization, I was amazed at the feedback of many high level women professionals. Some of these women have big jobs in big international companies, have influence on the decisions of the business and a great deal of responsibilities, but many of them had never considered building their Personal Brand.

Personal Branding: Blending Who You Are With What You Do


Why is Personal Branding more important today than ever?

How is the economy in your country? I live in Switzerland, which is known to be a very safe country with lots of gold nuggets in the basement of the national bank, but even here there’s no more such thing as job safety. Every day I hear about companies having to let go people and sending back Expats because they are simply costing too much.

So that’s one of the reasons! You need to invest in yourself NOW because you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow.

The other reason is that employers are also looking to hire people who are respected in their industry, have a good network and a certain influence. So by investing in your own personal brand, you are guaranteeing more future opportunities.

Discussion with the expert

I’ve invited Runa Magnusdottir, who’s an internationally recognized Personal Branding Strategist to share here view and tell us why it’s so important that you find discover and brand your X-Factor. You find the recording of our chat below.

Get started & brand YOUR X-FactorPersonal Branding

If you’ve enjoyed our discussion, you will be amazed at Runa’s book ‘Branding Your X-Factor’. It’s available on Amazon, but I recommend you buy it through this link (yes, I get a little commission) because you get 2 Workbooks for FREE ! Runa indicates their value at USD 47.00, but in my opinion they are worth much more. They will really help you in the reflective process that you need to go through when building your brand.

Click HERE or on the image to get your copy of Runa’s book for only 19$.

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