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Womenpreneurs, You Need this Biz Planner for 2015 !

Women Entrepreneurs, You Need This Biz Planner for 2015

I was browsing around on the web to find a printable calendar, that I could use to plan my year. Last year I was using a template from Calenderpedia.Β You know, your typical grey, sterile & boring calendar. If that works for you, go ahead and click that link, there’s plenty of free templates there.

But then, that same day (message from the universe ? πŸ™‚ ) I received an e-mail from one of my trusted sources promotingΒ a … guess what? Yep, a biz planner for 2015.

Womenpreneurs, this is for you! (sorry, dear male readers)

I’ve fallen in love! I’m not usually one to drool over the latest fancy product, but this workbook & biz planner for 2015 areΒ absolutely magical! They areΒ very girly, artsy, inspirational & motivational and if you are a heart-centered womenpreneur I think you will love this just as much as I do.

This is for you if you are…

  • a women
  • a creative
  • a business owner
  • a right brain person who loves beauty, creativity & bit of spirituality πŸ˜‰

Set Goals & Make 2015 the BestΒ Year yet !

Each month starts with a sheet where you set your goals and a list of things you need to make those happen. The workbook is another treasure that helps you not only with defining goals, but also with managing your time better, fixing business challenges, create a business mission statement, managing work/life balance and much more.

Watch Leonie’s video below (she has a lovely Australian accent) and decide for yourself! If you’re in the US, UK or Australia I’d highly recommend the print version. Unfortunately she doesn’t ship to Switzerland so I had to take the online version.


Womenpreneurs, You Need this Biz Planner for 2015 !

What do you think? Here’s the link to GET YOUR COPY !

Sarah Santacroce

Sarah is an internationally recognized LinkedIn Specialist & Online Presence Mentor who has personally coached over 1,900 entrepreneurs. She helps them position themselves as experts on LinkedIn so they get clients with ease. In addition, Sarah is known for helping helping conscious entrepreneurs market their business authentically & anxiety-free, sell their services & make a difference. She’s also the founder of The Gentle Business Revolution movement and host of the podcast with the same name. When she’s not working, she loves adventure & traveling, yoga & nature walks or hanging out with her family.

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