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Grand Finale of The LinkedIn Challenge

LinkedIn Challenge

Close to 400 Participants took The LinkedIn Challenge this time

From December 1st till December 21st I was hosting the 4th edition of my LinkedIn Challenge. This time we had just under 400 participants, a great mix of professionals from all over the world who were eager to learn more about how to use LinkedIn for business.

How does the challenge work?

They received a daily e-mail with a tip on how to improve their LinkedIn Profile, Visibility or how to grow their network. During the 21 days they could also ask questions, socialize and grow their network via the LinkedIn Challenge LinkedIn Group.

Upset you missed it?LinkedIn Challenge Report

Is LinkedIn on your priority list for 2015 and you’re upset you missed this opportunity? You can either wait until December 2015 for the next challenge (or June if you speak French as I will introduce a French version in 2015) or you can download the handy report with all the 21 tips from LinkedIn Experts from all over the world right HEREΒ (only 5$)Β or by clicking on the image to the right.Β You’ll also get access to the LinkedIn Challenge LinkedIn Group where you can continue the learning experience throughout the year.

So to celebrate & close this 4th edition I hosted The Grand Finale of The LinkedIn Challenge.

If you’re on this page on Friday December 19th, you can watch this event LIVE at 9 am ET, 3pm CET.

After that it will be the recorded version πŸ˜‰


Sarah Santacroce

Sarah is an internationally recognized LinkedIn Specialist & Online Presence Mentor who has personally coached over 1,900 entrepreneurs. She helps them position themselves as experts on LinkedIn so they get clients with ease. In addition, Sarah is known for helping helping conscious entrepreneurs market their business authentically & anxiety-free, sell their services & make a difference. She’s also the founder of The Gentle Business Revolution movement and host of the podcast with the same name. When she’s not working, she loves adventure & traveling, yoga & nature walks or hanging out with her family.

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