The Right Way To Ask For A LinkedIn Recommendation

LinkedIn is trying very hard to make our lives easier by kindly suggesting some default texts for our outgoing messages. However, unfortunately I think they suck. Apologies, there is just no other way to say it. LinkedIn is about relationships, and sending out default messages to people who we expect to trust us and let us into their network is not the way to build these relationships.

LinkedIn Recommendation

Update December 2016

The text and video in this post is a bit outdated and LinkedIn has since changed this ridiculous option to be able to send recommendation requests to 200 people in a mass-mailing. I’ve since written a more complete guide on how to ask for a LinkedIn Recommendation and you can find the full post including a free download guide by clicking on the link below:

> read the updated post ‘How do I ask for a Recommendation on LinkedIn‘<<

The wrong way to ask for a LinkedIn Recommendation

Writing a recommendation for someone is quite an effort. You’ll know if you have ever been asked for one. So don’t make the mistake and assume that someone will sit down, take 30 minutes out of their day to send you a personalized, highly valuable recommendation after you have just barely spent 30 seconds by mass mailing recommendation requests to 3 people at the same time.

Again, I don’t entirely blame you, I blame LinkedIn for even giving us this option! What were they thinking!?

linkedin recommendation

The Wrong Way To Ask For a LinkedIn Recommendation

The right way to ask for a LinkedIn Recommendation

Watch this 5 minute video for some feedback on how to ask for a LinkedIn Recommendation the right way ! Click on the icon in the bottom right corner to watch it in full screen.

Have you ever received an unpersonalized request for a LinkedIn recommendation? How did you respond?

Sarah Santacroce

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