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How to update your LinkedIn Profile without notifying your whole network?

LinkedIn doesn’t always make things easy for us. For example it’s not always clear what you share with whom when you make a change on your profile. In this post I answer exactly that question.

I don’t want to notify my LinkedIn network about each small change

Hanna asked me: ‘I do not want LinkedIn members to congratulate me on my new job. Sometimes I just make a minor correction of my profile and it is interpreted by the system as a new position and people are informed about it. Then I receive congratulations without any reason, which is ridiculous. Is there a way to deactivate that function?’

update LinkedIn Profile

Indeed, if you just make the smallest change, LinkedIn will notify your network.

You could use this strategically

Now, sometime it comes in handy. For example: if you’re adding a new ‘service’ to your offering, and hide it as a new position it can be a good thing to alert your network. I reviewed Stephan Hovnanian (he’s big on Google+) LinkedIn Profile recently and recommended he added a separate position for Google+. This way his network got a notification and is now aware that Stephan specialized in G+.

But you don’t always want people’s attention

But other times we just change a word or two, and immediately LinkedIn sends a notification and we have to deal with the embarrassment of people asking whether we’ve changed jobs.

So, is there a way to deactivate that function? Yes there is. It’s in your settings. I answered this via my Q&A Thursday Hangout on Google+. Watch the short video below to see how it’s done.

UPDATE: LinkedIn has since then made this process a little easier (they do listen to their users sometimes) and has added a small button directly in the right hand column. So when you’re in ‘edit profile’ mode, look for the button ‘Notify your network’ and just switch it to ‘now’ while you’re working on your profile.

How to update your LinkedIn Profile without notifying your whole network

When’s the last time you have update your profile?

Now that you know how to update your profile without getting too much attention, why don’t you go do that just now? Need some inspiration? Read my blog post ‘A few things you should change on your LinkedIn profile

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