Expert Interview with Petra Fisher from ‘Top of Mind with LinkedIn’

Expert Interview with Petra Fisher

Expert Interview with Petra Fisher

It’s time for another expert interview. This time I talked to Petra Fisher from ‘Top of Mind with LinkedIn’ about

… LinkedIn, of course

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So welcome Petra and thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions about LinkedIn for business.

Petra: Thanks Sarah, happy to talk to you.

Sarah: Great. Well, let me just get started with my first question. Why should businesses nowadays be on LinkedIn?

Petra: I think it’s the only place where professionals meet. Well, not the only place but definitely the biggest place. It’s so much more than just putting your experience online. It’s this big networking place. So instead of talking to people face to face, here you have a chance to share your expertise, your products, your services very easily to a very large audience. And if you’re not there, you’re actually missing out because that’s where people look for you as well.

Sarah: Yeah. So you’re saying it’s – out of the social networks is the one that’s business-oriented, right?

Petra: Absolutely, yes.

Sarah: Yeah, because I worked with professionals also on the other networks but whenever it comes to business services, I definitely recommend LinkedIn and I think that you proved to be saying the same thing.

Petra: Yeah, that’s correct. I think it’s set up like a social network similar to let’s say Facebook. I would say, Facebook is where you talk to your friends and LinkedIn is where professionals talk. Obviously on Facebook, there are also business pages but that’s more business to consumer whereas on LinkedIn, it’s really – businesses can get to know each other.

Sarah: Yeah, yeah, excellent. Now, LinkedIn has changed a lot in the past five years and some of them are good changes, some in my opinion are a bit regretful. Which changes did you appreciate and which less?

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