Being Yourself to Attract Ideal Clients

Being Yourself to Attract Ideal Clients

How does showing up as your authentic self help attract ideal clients?

When I started this podcast in May of 2016, my intention was to run it as a side hustle along with coaching for introverts while maintaining my core business as a LinkedIn expert. Nearly two years later, I am celebrating 50 conversations with other introverted entrepreneurs that have translated to business opportunities and several genuine friendships. But I was starting to feel like I was hiding the introverted part of myself on a separate website, and my LinkedIn clients were sometimes confused by my online presence as the host of Introvert Biz Growth…

So, I have decided to become whole again—and today I am unveiling my new branding as Sarah Santacroce, the introverted entrepreneur who specializes in LinkedIn. Both parts of my business will be housed at the website bearing my name, and this transparency will help attract ideal clients and lead to deeper connections with the people I coach.

This is all part of my new motto: What if it was easy? What if it was fun? Listen in as I explain this pivot in my business, discussing the difficult choices I’ve made around letting go of some projects and taking on others, including a LinkedIn Local event that I’m cohosting this year!

In this episode you’ll learn about Being Yourself to Attract Ideal Clients as well as…

  • The business opportunities and friendships that have grown from the podcast.
  • Why I am merging both parts of my business under one umbrella.
  • How transparency and authenticity attract ideal clients.
  • How this pivot in my business led to a difficult decision about the Sicily retreat.
  • The idea behind my new motto: What if it was easy? What if it was fun?
  • My decision to cohost a LinkedIn Local networking event.
  • Why networking is easier when I’m the speaker or host.
  • The human focus of LinkedIn Local events.

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