An Introvert’s Approach to Digital Marketing

An Introvert’s Approach to Digital Marketing with Michelle Warner

The majority of introverts and conscious entrepreneurs are averse to the aggressive marketing approach that dominates the online space. At the same time, potential clients may need a little push in making the decision to buy our products or services. So, how do we market our offerings in a way that nudges ideal clients to commit—without resorting to tactics based on scarcity or fear of missing out?

Michelle Warner is an online business growth strategist dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build the businesses of their dreams. She is also the creator of the Springboard Method, a framework for nurturing resilient, sustainable companies that scale. Michelle has 20-plus year of experience in the digital marketing space, and she built a multimillion-dollar tech startup in the social venture space before transitioning to consulting.

Today, Michelle describes how she designs her life around her introversion and explains how her year of travel led to clarity around the direction of her business. She discusses her shift to support early-stage entrepreneurs via the new Springboard program, sharing why she’s gone from fixing problems for clients to coaching them to make decisions on their own. Listen in for Michelle’s insight on the role alignment plays in marketing with integrity and learn her system for pitching to a curated list of ideal clients!

In this episode you’ll learn about an Introvert’s Approach to Digital Marketing as well as…

    • How Michelle designs her life and business around her introversion.
    • How Michelle’s year of travel gave her clarity about her business.
    • Michelle’s one-on-one work with clients and new Springboard program.
    • Why Michelle believes the concept of passive income is a myth.
    • What inspired Michelle’s shift to work with early-stage entrepreneurs.
    • Michelle’s intention to combat toxic messaging with a different voice.
    • Michelle’s ongoing challenge around accepting who she is as a person.
    • Michelle’s transition from de facto CEO to coach for entrepreneurs.
    • The role alignment plays in marketing with integrity.
    • The right way to push potential clients to make a decision.
    • How Michelle marketed Springboard to a curated list of ideal clients.

Michelle’s favorite quote

Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.” – Andy Warhol

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