The Gentle Business Revolution Podcast

Heart-centered business owners are eager to run their businesses and marketing from a place of smart generosity.

From abundance, not scarcity. From real, community-changing passion that gets back to the basics of trust, meaning, and purpose.

It is a revolution pushing up through the cracks of the conventional business world.

A Gentle Revolution.

Imagine what would happen—for us, for our clients, and for the world – if we would use more kindness & empathy in our business and marketing? Inclusion instead of exclusion. All while using today’s technology to our advantage, in order to make a bigger impact.

Here is the Potential for the Future:

  • A world where joy, empathy and kindness are the business currency
  • A world where marketing fosters a sense of belonging, not isolation
  • A world that focuses on the human connection (all while using modern technology)
  • A world where business is about making the world a better place
  • A world where entrepreneurs who use ethical marketing are the ones that not only make the biggest impact; they also make the most money

Together we can make it happen.
But we need a gentle revolution.

So I’m asking you to raise your hand and join me. To be part of this revolution and help bring more kindness and empathy to business.

The Gentle Business Revolution Podcast is the show where we discuss how to market your business by disrupting the current Marketing Paradigm and changing it to a gentler approach, one that’s based on empathy and kindness.

This show is for you if…

you are a heart-centered entrepreneur or change maker who is looking for a different, a better way to market your business


you are an entrepreneur who is tired of the traditional, hypey marketing model and are ready for a paradigm shift.


You might also be a Marketing Impact Pioneer, working for an organization who does business for good.

The Gentle Business Revolution show is listener supported—I’d love for you to become an active supporter of the show and join the Gentle Business Circle. You will be invited to a private monthly Q&A call with me and fellow Gentle Marketers –  a safe zone to hang out with like minded conscious entrepreneurs and help each other build our business and grow our impact.  — I’d love for you to join us! Learn more at