About my Pricing

Tangible and Intangible value I provide

I come up with a price for a service, based on the tangible and the intangible value I provide.

The tangible value you get when working with me may look like this:

As a result of the intangible value you get when working with me you will feel:

My Coaching rate is composed of and based on:

My Pricing is not set in stone:

While I do believe in the value I provide and feel that I’ve come up with a price that displays that value, I’m also aware that everyone’s situation is different and I’m more than happy to have a human(e) conversation about my fees in order to find a solution and compromise that works for both of us. 

So please see my price as indicative but don’t let that hold you back from contacting me.

If I can arrange it, I also like to offer semi-private coaching as a budget-friendly alternative. 

Still want to chat?

Great! I can’t wait! Please fill out the application form on this page. The reason I ask these questions is so that I can get some information on you and your business beforehand.

I look forward to hearing from you


Sarah Santacroce

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P.S. Time is our most precious asset & I reserve the right to decline your application if I think you’re not a great fit (or if most fields are left empty ;-))