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Hi, I’m SarahSarahS-5_noBG-380k

If you’re here, I’m going to make a few assumptions:

1. You’re an introvert (or an ambivert) and proud to be. 

If you don’t know what an introvert is, then you’re in the wrong place. If you’re still trying to figure out if you’re an introvert, this is not the right site for you either. And finally, this is not a self-help site for introverts feeling misunderstood or complaining how different we are from extroverts. Alright, scratch that, we do some complaining every now and then, but mostly we are here to grow your business, using your introverted super powers!

2. You’ve had any of the following thoughts:
  • I hate selling but I know my “thing” will help others or help the world

  • I hate sleazy marketing techniques

  • How do I scale my business without putting in more and more hours?

  • Do I really need to attend yet another networking event?

3. You want to make money. Lots of it. 

Not to buy expensive handbags or a Porsche, but because you want to make a difference. In other words you are not just in it for the money, but you know that what you offer can make an impact, even on the smallest level, to make this world a better place. And if by helping more people you make more money, it means that you have more to give back to those who need it more than you do.

4. You are a webpreneur of some kind.

You do business online. Maybe you’re traveling the world while running your company from your laptop or you’re otherwise enjoying the freedom of a location independent business. The world is borderless to you and you are not afraid of working with people in another country. The sky is the limit! is a website, a podcast and a community for you to learn how to use your introverted super powers and grow your business in order to have the freedom to make a good living, and even extra which you can give back to those who need it more than you! (let the extroverts enjoy materialistic life, I’m telling you, it’s not our thing)

sarah-purple-380kMeet Sarah

The official ‘About Me’

I started my first online business adventure in 2008, as a Virtual Assistant. We were living in California at the time, on an Expat Assignment, and I needed a location independent business.

I’ve since moved back to my home country, Switzerland, and built a successful business as a LinkedIn Trainer & Consultant (

After reading Simon Sinek’s book ‘Start With The Why’ I realized that my true purpose is to help other introverts embrace who they are and scale their online business in order to make a difference, using their introverted super powers.

I’ve started this community because I saw introverts with successful online businesses all around me, and I thought it was time to let the world know that introverts have a magic touch when it comes to business, especially an online business. I also wanted to create a safe sanctuary for us introverts to hang out, and be ourselves, in our own gentle and quiet way. Finally I believe in giving back, not in creating empires for one’s own benefit. A portion of my profits goes to my charity of choice, this year it is Solyna Foundation

The interesting ‘About me’

Once I turn off my computer, I am a mom of two crazy boys, a wife and best friend to my soulmate, an Italo-Canadian whom I met while traveling in Spain 20 years ago. We have two boys together, aged 9 and 12.   I’m a very open-minded, alternative-thinking citizen of this world. I live in Switzerland where I was born and raised, but I think way beyond borders. Traveling and discovering other cultures is one of my passions. 

I grew up with values of community & non materialistic thinking (brings back childhood memories of community living in an apartment building my parents & friends bought together and named ‘Colombina’). I was taught early on that I was very privileged to be born in a society that has everything and that this privilege came with a responsibility: take care of our world and take care of those who are not as privileged as me.

I’m a non-conformist and I think you see why … So if you’re after the million dollar business to satisfy your own luxury tendencies, I’m probably (most likely) not the right person for you. I do my best work with people who want to make a difference.

I don’t have all the answers, like you, I’m still figuring things out. But there are a few things I’m good at already and have to offer you:

  • My ability to focus on the essentials & come up with the strategy for you to achieve your goals
  • My experience (based on many failures) of selling online & what it takes to grow your web based business
  • My skill to quickly put myself into your client’s shoes & create an offer that he/she can’t resist
  • My empathy, passion & encouragement to use your uniqueness & introverted super powers to grow your business


I’d be I’d be honored to have you join our community & go on this journey together!



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5 of my introverted gifts (try to list yours too!)


I’m extremely loyal

I have few friends, but the ones I have or very dear to me and I’ve had them for most of my life.

I LOVE Simplicity 

(So much so that I called my first business exactly that ‘Simplicity – Simple Small Business Solutions)

Extravagance is not my thing. I’m totally happy with a plate of pasta & a glass of wine. Bring me to a fancy restaurant and I get uncomfortable. The same applies to business: no frills, simplicity sells.

I’m a great listener

Like many introverts I’m a great listener. I don’t interrupt my opponent just to get my two cents in. I only talk when I think I have something of value to say.

I’m very empathic

I feel things where others don’t. I think empathy is one of the introverted super powers.

I’m freer to make choices

Because I feel more guided by my inner voice and less of the pull of the crowd I’m freer to make choices that feel good to me, rather than please everyone else. I have a track record of doing things unconventionally different (ask me about it sometime) and I care very little if people think my choices are weird. One thing that comes with introverted empathy, is the feeling that we always have to say ‘yes’.

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