Create Success On Your Own Terms: 
Deep Dive Mastermind Retreat in Sicily
for Introverted Entrepreneurs

If you are an introverted entrepreneur who wants to create success on your own terms, create a life you love, AND make more money, then join us for a transformative experience + marketing mastermind retreat in Sicily, Italy from May 15th - May 20th 2018.

Dear Fellow Introverted Entrepreneur

Are you sometimes tired of doing it all alone but yet have a hard time finding your people? Have you attended big conferences in the hope of moving your business forward & making meaningful connections and instead ended up throwing yourself on the hotel bed, exhausted, because you just couldn’t take all the small talk anymore? If so, take just a few moments to read further…

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • 'I want to create a life I love, make a difference AND make money while doing it'
  • ‘I hate selling but I know my ‘thing’ will help others or help the world'
  • ‘I sometimes feel lonely as my family & friends don’t really understand what I do’
  • I’m looking for my people but networking & big conferences just doesn’t work for me’

It's time...

It's time to find your people...

Imagine waking up to the sound of ocean, and after a healthy breakfast & stroll on the beach, sitting on the shady terrasse with a small group of fellow introverted entrepreneurs masterminding, brainstorming & clearing roadblocks. 

Fascinating Terrace for Introverted Entrepreneurs

It's time to calm your mind...

Step out of your routine and into the Dolce Vita in Sicily. It's time to calm your mind so we can work on the next important steps for you so you can show up, and make a difference. 

Calm Waters
Linkedin Marketing Advice

It's time to relax, have fun & explore

Strolls on the beach, alone or with others, relaxing at the pool, laughing, cooking & eating healthy meals, reading your book & deep conversations with fellow participants are what we introverts treasure and are therefore an important part of the program. But we’ll also go explore the beautiful surroundings: Syracuse and it’s Roman Amphitheather, the baroque beauty Noto that is so gorgeous you might mistake it for a film set & the Necropolis of Pantalica, a collection of cemeteries dating from the 7th to the 13th centuries BC!

Introverted Entrepreneur
Sicily, Italy

It's also time to build confidence & gain clarity...

Deep dive masterminds, hot seats and one-on-ones with fellow participants will help you build the confidence you need to dream bigger and get a clear direction on where to go next so you can show up and make a difference.

From May 15th - May 20th 2018
join me and an intimate group of fellow introverted entrepreneurs for this incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience, as we laugh, learn and live la dolce vita !

You deserve this! And... your business needs this:

Research shows that getting out of our usual surroundings helps us to think outside the box and come up with new and creative ideas. Creativity researchers refer to it as ‘seed incidents’.

A seed incident is what stimulates people to explore new ideas because something happened which the same old stories we tell ourselves couldn't quite explain. The seed incident sends us on a journey of discovery. What we end up finding on that journey is another story. “

Let the experiences of Sicily and our discussions inspire you to new creative heights.

You are a perfect fit if you meet these criteria:

  • ​You are an introvert or an ambivert (ambiverts are somewhere in between extroverts and introverts, but just like introverts they recharge their energy by being alone)
  • You have an existing online business where you’ve had success in some areas that you are ready to build. 
  • You're also looking to discover new areas that might feel a bit scary for introverts (podcasts, webinars, live streaming etc.) and talk to other introverts who share the same feelings or who have made experiences they can share. 
  • You are looking for your people, those who understand how tough it is to 'step out' & be in the spotlight
  • You want to create success on your own terms - & make a difference !

The Itinerary

We'll start every day with a group mastermind, followed by a lunch & some siesta or alone time. And in the afternoon we'll go on different adventures and explore the breathtaking surroundings.

Tuesday, May 15th

Welcome Reception & Introductions

Arrive any time after 12pm (we’ll pick you up at Catania Airport). Then it’s time to relax, settle in and we’ll start with a cozy Pizza dinner at the house (I’ve tested all the pizzas in the area and know which place to order from! ) We’ll do an introduction and goal setting round, discuss our business challenges and opportunities - and then just hang out – with a glass of Nero d’Avola!

Wednesday, May 16th

We’ll taste our way through Siracusa

Early risers can join me for a walk at the beach before breakfast ;-) After our morning mastermind session, a light lunch & siesta we’ll head to Siracusa for an amazing tour which perfectly combines a wine and culinary experience with a sightseeing walk through the most breathtaking monuments of the old city.

Thursday, May 17th

Cooking Class & Dinner at an Organic Farm

After another day of business breakthroughs we’ll reward ourselves with a real treat: a cooking class at my favorite Agriturismo, an Organic Farm in the middle of an organic citrus plantation.

Friday, May 18th

Noto – The Baroque Beauty

Noto, a Unesco World Heritage is another must see! We’ll visit it early evening, when the red-gold buildings seem to glow with a soft inner light! Truly breathtaking. We’ll top off the evening with a delicious dinner (self pay).

Saturday, May 19th

A day of options!

For our last day together I thought it would be nice to leave our options open. We could do one-on-ones or another mastermind in the morning. In the afternoon the adventurous souls could go visit Necropolis of Pantalica, a collection of cemeteries dating from the 7th to the 13th centuries BC which is only a short drive away. Or maybe you prefer to spend the afternoon at the beach, go back to Siracusa or just hang out at the pool

We'll meet again for our last dinner together. We'll stay in for a cozy dinner with all kinds of Sicilian delicacies catered by my friends Michele and Barbara. 

Sunday, May 20th


After a last breakfast together we’ll say goodbye and ‘ci vediamo’. Maybe you'll extend your trip with a stay in Rome or explore some other Sicilian cities (I'd recommend Ragusa, Modica, Taormina).

The Venue

I LOVE Simplicity. Extravagance is not my thing. And I've noticed that many introverts share this tendency. Which is why I'm NOT organizing this retreat at a 5-star hotel but at my own vacation house, the Chalet Sicilia.

Chalet Sicilia

Your Home Away From Home

Our villa is located in a quiet yet lived-in neighborhood in Fontane Bianche, a short 4 minute (400m) walk from the fine & white sand beach & crystal clear sea. The house is surrounded by a Mediterranean garden (orange, lemon, fig and palm trees as well as a multitude of different cactuses). There is one big main terrace as well as 2 other verandas (one with a built-in barbeque) to enjoy the lovely evenings accompanied by the sound of the cicadas.


There are 3 smaller bed rooms available in the house, and 4 more sophisticated ones just across the street in a beautiful Bed & Breakfast. We are also welcome to use the bio-swimming pool next door, a pool with salt water and no use of chemicals. 


In the Main House

3 Rooms (for 1 person each)

These are three small rooms in the main house

  • Two single bedrooms
  • 1 double bedroom 
  • Shared bathroom

$2097 per person

*Early Bird Price is only $1899 per person

* Early Bird Pricing ends on February 15th 2018


In a lovely Bed & Breakfast just across the street

4 Studios (40m2 or 430 ft2)

Get a bit more privacy in these small studios just across the street. These apartments are also ideal in case you’ll bring your partner along on the adventure!

  • Large double bed
  • Small kitchenette
  • Private bathroom with walk-in shower
  • Your own covered veranda

$2297 per person

*Early Bird Price is only $2099 per person

$997 for the partner sharing the same room

* Early Bird Pricing ends on February 15th 2018

The Food

All breakfasts and lunches will be taken at the house, on our front terrasse. We will have healthy - and not so healthy options :-) If you have food allergies we'll organize a trip to the grocery store on the 1st day. 

Dinners are at various locations, and include a self-cooked meal at the organic farm, a wine & food tour in Siracusa & a catered 'last supper' at the house with typical Sicilian dishes

What people say about Sarah

I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Sarah over the past few years. For over a year we talked on a weekly basis as we were both members of a small Online Mastermind. She's such a lovely and caring person with an attention to detail and a passion for business. It's been great to get to know another introvert in the online business world and to get to see being an introvert as more of a super power instead of a disability!

Ian Anderson Gray
Speaker & Social Media Specialist

I've been fortunate to spend several days with Sarah at my own retreat recently, and she is a joy to work with (and to travel with!) Sarah is thoughtful, engaging and "wicked smaht," as we say here in Boston. More importantly, as a card-carrying introvert myself, I greatly appreciate Sarah's approach. She makes everyone comfortable and at ease, so they can be at their best. Introverts rock, and so does Sarah!

Lou Bortone
Video Marketing Expert

I recently attended a Mastermind with Sarah, meeting her for the first time. In just a few days, I realized how much she contributed to the direction and outcomes of the group’s discussions. She listened thoughtfully to each person’s business presentation and responded with perceptive insights which, for several in attendance, truly moved them to clarity and confidence to take action. Sarah was instrumental in helping us to find new business directions that may not otherwise have been pursued. I am thrilled to know Sarah, both as a colleague and a friend, and look forward to attending her Mastermind so we can again spend days exchanging ideas and planning for future steps in our business development.

Tassey Russo
Business Development & Growth Strategist

What's included?

  • 5 nights at the accommodation of your choice
  • Five delicious breakfasts shared together
  • Coffee, tea, and fresh fruit & other snacks in our common kitchen
  • 4 lunches at the house
  • 4 dinners
  • Wine tour & food in Siracusa
  • Cooking class at the Organic Farm
  • Transportation for all our adventures
  • Transportation from Catania Airport on Tuesday May 15th and back to Catania Airport on Sunday May 20th
  • Group Mastermind Sessions every morning
  • One-on-one time with me on Thursday or Saturday
  • A week full of insightfull conversations, breakthroughs, laughter & great memories

What's not included?

  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • One self-paid dinner in Noto
  • Special food if you have food allergies 
  • Personal, medical and travel insurance

Dates: May 15 - May 20 2018

Location: Sicily, Italy

Ready to say YES ?

If you're ready to join us in Sicily for a transformative experience then click below to fill out my quick and easy 'get to know you' application for a clarity call.


What if I’m not an introvert, can I still join?

What if I don’t have an Online Business yet, can I still join?

I have never been to a retreat and don't know what to expect. Is this like a workshop?

I have food allergies. Will there be options for me. 

Can I come early or stay late?

What is your refund policy?

When does registration close?

Who's Sarah Santacroce?

The official ‘About Me’

I started my first online business adventure in 2008, as a Virtual Assistant. We were living in California at the time, on an Expat Assignment, and I needed a location independent business.

I’ve since moved back to my home country, Switzerland, and built a successful business as a LinkedIn Trainer & Consultant (

After reading Simon Sinek’s book ‘Start With The Why’ I realized that my true purpose is to help other introverts embrace who they are and scale their online business in order to make a difference, using their introverted super powers.

The interesting ‘About me’

Once I turn off my computer, I am a mom of two crazy boys, a wife and best friend to my soulmate, an Italo-Canadian whom I met while traveling in Spain 20 years ago. We have two boys together, aged 11 and 14. I’m a very open-minded, alternative-thinking citizen of this world. I live in Switzerland where I was born and raised, but I think way beyond borders. Traveling and discovering other cultures is one of my passions.

I grew up with values of community & non materialistic thinking (brings back childhood memories of community living in an apartment building my parents & friends bought together and named ‘Colombina’). I was taught early on that I was very privileged to be born in a society that has everything and that this privilege came with a responsibility: take care of our world and take care of those who are not as privileged as me.

I’m a non-conformist and I think you see why … So if you’re after the million dollar business to satisfy your own luxury tendencies, I’m probably (most likely) not the right person for you. I do my best work with people who want to make a difference.

I don’t have all the answers, like you, I’m still figuring things out. But there are a few things I’m good at already and have to offer you:

    • My ability to focus on the essentials & come up with the strategy for you to achieve your goals
    • My experience (based on many failures) of selling online & what it takes to grow your web based business
    • My skill to quickly put myself into your client’s shoes & create an offer that he/she can’t resist
    • My empathy, passion & encouragement to use your uniqueness & introverted super powers to grow your business

I’d love to meet you in Sicily!