IBG 17 – Sarah Santacroce – Are All Introverts Non-Materialists?

Are all introverts non-materialists?

Could there be a connection between being an introvert and non-materialism?

Today it’s just me again and in this shorter episode I’d like to talk about materialism. It wasn’t planned that way, but I think it’s quite a good fit for this time of the year, just a week before the Holidays!

My husband and I recently discussed how we noticed that when people are in their forties to fifties, there’s two types of behaviors: you have those who enjoy materialistic things (sports car, expensive watch, designer hand bag, etc .etc.) and then you have those who prefer to spend their money on experiences (vacations, weekend trips, concerts etc).

So question to you: do you enjoy material things or do you prefer experiences?

Could there be a connection between being an introvert and non-materialism?

Listen in to find out my thoughts on the subject.

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